Linda A.Coccovizzo Linda.Coccovizzo at MCCKC.EDU
Thu Nov 10 15:34:50 UTC 2016

Good morning all! Our office moved, and in weeding through things, I found some braille of which I have been asked to dispose. If I can, by day's end, I would like to find a good home for it. If you know a good place to forward this email, please do so. None of this is UEB, but I have an adversion to tossing out good braille. Drives my husband, and now my boss, nuts! maybe someone has a use for it?:

Braille in brief, and Teachers Guide; M. Krebs
Chart of Braille and Contractions
6 copies of Just Enough to Know Better

I have one box, so it's all going to the same place.
Going once, going twice...

Linda C.

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