[Nfbmo] Receive a Free Gift for Christmas from the braille super store

nancy Lynn seabreeze.stl at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 10:25:43 UTC 2016

I got this from another list and thought you'd like to know about it.
> Season's Greetings from the Braille Superstore,
> http://www.BrailleSuperstore.com?Source=Newsletter
> It's the most wonderful time of the year! From roasted chestnuts to 
> Christmas carols, every family has their own special traditions they look 
> forward to ... and we're no different! Here at The Braille Superstore, our 
> tradition is that we give away free products - and the time has come once 
> again to do just that!
> Now, shopping at the mall can be a lot of fun, but there are an awful lot 
> of crowds. The roads may be icy, the car will be freezing cold, and you'll 
> be late for dinner. Yes they have super good sales at the mall, but our 
> sale is better. You see, some of their items are discounted. Some of ours, 
> on the other hand, are free!
> So, because we know you love shopping from the comfort of your living 
> room, we've stocked the shelves with more great gift ideas than ever for 
> someone who's blind or visually impaired. Highlights include a Braille 
> watch (either with a battery or wind-up) with steel hands that don't move 
> when you touch them. We have a talking keychain that speaks both the time 
> and date for under $14, and lots of new Braille books for your reading 
> enjoyment. And don't forget that, with Unified English Braille fast taking 
> hold, all of our Braille books are offered in UEB in addition to standard 
> grade 2 contracted Braille. To make a long story short, if you have 
> someone on your shopping list this holiday season who is blind or has low 
> vision, we have just what you're after ... at prices that cannot be beat.
> But, that's not all! If you place your order within the next week, we will 
> throw in a free gift for you to enjoy or to pass along to that special 
> someone. All you have to do is spend at least $20 with us, and we'll give 
> you a high-quality, recording memo magnet, to stick to your fridge and 
> keep track of reminders, notes, and of course, the ever-popular shopping 
> list.
> Now, small and electronic is always good, but for orders of $50, we'll 
> sweeten the deal a little. OK, a lot. Instead of a little recording 
> magnet, we'll give you a talking indoor-outdoor thermometer. It's 
> attractively gift-boxed, fits in a large stocking, and would be enjoyed by 
> everyone - even you!
> It's atomic ... it's portable ... it's valuable ... and it's free! Yes, 
> we're giving away a 30-dollar talking clock with every order over $100. It 
> speaks the time and date, it has lots of cool features, and thanks to its 
> built-in radio, it's always right. No, it doesn't just think it's right, 
> like some of your friends or coworkers. It really is, all the time.
> Now, one final thought for those of you who want the ultimate deal. If you 
> spend over $250 with us on your next order, we won't just give you the 
> atomic talking clock, we'll throw in a hand-crafted, all-teek, 
> expertly-shaped Braille Dolphin Puzzle as well. Between the clock for your 
> friend and the puzzle for her son or daughter, we'll help you make a start 
> on your Christmas list without costing you a dime!
> So, how do you take advantage of this amazing one-time offer? It's simple! 
> Just hop over to our website at
> http://www.BrailleSuperstore.com?Source=Newsletter
> Order online, and enter coupon code Winter16. Your complementary product 
> will immediately appear in your shopping cart.
> While you're browsing, don't forget to stop by our showcase of Holiday 
> Highlights! Here, you'll find all the items we've selected for everyone on 
> your list this festive season. Our water resistant talking watch is back, 
> still at the crazy low price of $10. There are tons of new Braille books 
> to enjoy by the fire, including a selection of new Christmas titles. We've 
> also added raised-picture cards for Thanksgiving, birthday and Christmas - 
> but hurry, the big day is almost upon us!
> You can't go wrong with our Tactile Turn-a-Cube for folks who have always 
> wanted a Braille Rubik's Cube - because it's the ultimate stocking 
> stuffer, and goes well with your free brain teaser besides. Talking 
> Keychains and durable watches, Braille playing cards and tactile dice, 
> handheld magnifiers and pocket recorders - all stocking sized and priced 
> under $10.
> Find these items and more by following the link to Holiday Highlights, 
> above the list of departments down the left side of any Braille Superstore 
> page. You might also want to check out our New Products section for a list 
> of what's new since your last visit, and our ever-popular Clearance Corner 
> for items that are really, really, really affordable!
> And now for the fine print. Coupon expires 2:59 PM on Wednesday, November 
> 23, 2016. All orders must come to at least $10. Orders valued at less than 
> $20 will not receive a free product. Dolar values are quoted in USD. Only 
> one coupon accepted per household. Coupon valid for prepaid retail 
> Internet orders only. Offer cannot be applied to orders that have already 
> been placed. Free product offer valid while quantities last.
> Well folks, we'd like to thank you for your loyal patronage throughout the 
> past year. We hope this holiday season brings you much joy and happiness, 
> and quality time spent with close family and friends. From all of us, to 
> all of you, have a very merry Christmas.

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