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It strikes me that the nature of this outburst is not explained, and neither is the unwillingness of the boss to have a change of heart. I don't believe that an outpouring of love for me would've affected my job with the University of Missouri, and although the NFB is a membership organization and the president might therefore be more persuadable, I doubt that any boss is going to consider a public vote to be very persuasive. While I am happy to read this post, mostly I feel inclined to mind my own business. I simply don't know anything about this narrator except that she can read, and I am reluctant to meddle in the business relationship that must be productive to flourish.

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I got this from several lists and hope you’ll be willing to help this fine narrator. 
Since many of you know Martha Harmon Pardee through the NLS program and the recent 2016 ACB convention, I wanted to ask if the following message from Martha, could be posted to the ACB list as a plea to all NLS patrons. She sent this to me on 11-21-2016 and I hope that the ACB list will proudly serve as her nationwide voice platform to rally all her talking book fans to action.


Hi friends,


Please excuse the group/impersonal nature of this text, but I'm reaching out in all humility with a request from folks like you who have been so encouraging over the years.


I won't bore you with all of the sordid details, but last week, as a result of just feeling misunderstood and extremely frustrated, I resigned as a narrator.  It was an impetuous and regretful decision made in the heat of passion and I regretted it almost immediately.


Within days, I asked the owner of the studio from my job back. I explained that the thought of not having a relationship with people like you was too much for me to contemplate. I have spent just three years short of half of my life narrating audio books for NLS.  I love it and I love you and I want to keep doing it.


So the favor I'm asking, right before a very busy weekend, is if you feel so inclined to write to our head of human resources here and express your desire for me to be kept on as a narrator, I would really appreciate it. Also, if you wouldn't mind forwarding this request to anyone else who might be in support of my employment.

Melissa Savage is our human resource person and her email address is msavage.tbpi at gmail.com


My hope is that positive words from the people who matter most in this operation, which is to say all of you, might help Mr. Gregg Savage to forgive me my outburst and allow me to continue doing the work I love.



Your humble servant,

Martha Harmon Pardee


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