[Nfbmo] Should self-driving cars prioritize pedestrians' or drivers' safety?

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Hello, Melissa. The question you pose is not easily answered and one that a
human being would not know the answer to until presented with the situation.
If I come upon a number of little children crossing the street and I am the
only one in my car, perhaps I sacrifice my life for theirs, assuming their
innocence, their right to life, and the fact that I have had a good one. On
the other hand, I am a young mother driving home a group of Cub Scouts and
walking out into my path I see a bunch of fraternity boys filled with liquor
and demanding their right to treat the area we are in as a pedestrian
campus. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I may well choose to save the
children in my charge, knowing that the children who pass under my car were
once similarly innocent and even now only engaging in immature behavior. Can
any of these be categorized as right or wrong choices? Will we fault the
machine for whatever decision it makes, knowing that it lacks the human
impulses to think through what I have said? And, besides, when humans are
faced with these split-second decisions, are they decisions or reactions?



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Curious what everybody's thoughts are on this. Should self-driving cars
prioritize pedestrians' or drivers' safety?
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