[Nfbmo] Urgent: Take Action and Ask Your Friends to do Like Wise

Shelia Wright sbwright95 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 15:27:20 UTC 2017

Dear Federation Brothers and Sisters,

I just took five on our behalf. Can you help too!


There is a critical issue for this week. Please give this priority and call
today. There are direct attacks on the ADA which was enacted to give us
equal access to buildings, programs, transportation, employment, etc. Please
call your U.S. Representative and the Chair. Below is what President
Riccobono had to say in alerting us in his weekly message. Our lack of
action helps the misinformed that want to destroy the progress we have made.
It is time to speak out!

Shelia Wright



Call to Action From President Riccobono: Opposition to H.R. 620, the ADA
Education and Reform Act of 2017:

As you know, we ask members from time to time to contact their
representatives in Congress in support of legislation that would benefit the
blind community. But today I am calling upon all Federationists to contact
their representatives in opposition to H.R. 620. The phone number for the
Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121. From there, simply ask to be
connected with your representative. In addition, please call the chairman of
the House Judiciary Committee, Robert Goodlatte, at (202) 225-5431.



Here are some brief talking points to share with the offices of your
representative and Chairman Goodlatte: (1) the ADA was enacted in 1990, so
covered entities have had ample time to learn about and comply with the law;
(2) the ADA already contains an "undue burden" provision to protect covered
entities when the costs of making facilities accessible are too high; and
(3) Title III of the ADA (which applies to public accommodations) does not
allow monetary damages for noncompliance.



The National Federation of the Blind has joined with 216 other allied civil
rights organizations in opposing this bill. You can read our joint letter at
3162017.pdf. If you want to know how this bill would affect us, consider
internet access guaranteed under the ADA and our comments filed with DOJ
last October
as just one example.  






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