[Nfbmo] {Spam?} Re: Why should I pay to register for state convention???

robynwallen at juno.com robynwallen at juno.com
Wed Mar 29 16:25:24 UTC 2017

I agree and no one should be shamed if they cannot afford to come to any conference.  Those who can afford it should pay registration fees willingly and information should be shared with everyone.   Randy is right I always plan ahead around meals when I go places simply because there are a lot of things I do not like that most people do like any red sauce pasta but I can always find something to eat within any meal and having extra snacks are a great alternative plus I hear some great chapters will have some very nutritional yummy eats available for purchase.  :)  So no one will starve.  I remember going to national conventions in the 80s and I would pretty much do a one meal a day thing but always managed to find snacks and tasty treats from somewhere to fill the void.  Robyn

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