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The Medicaid Expansion Petition for MO has been approved for circulation: • Will make two hundred, ninety-three thousand (293,000) additional residents eligible for Medicaid! • Will inject 2 BILLION into MO health care economy. • Will keep rural hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices open. • Will create thousands of medical support jobs. We just have to say ok to the US government. The MO Congress is sitting on their hands and can’t seem to do anything. So: We can take matters in our own hands and make our voice heard! We are collecting signatures to enable this proposal to be listed for a vote in the 2018 election. We would appreciate you notifying management and staff of our efforts. We are asking you to notify your membership of our efforts. If you wish to send messages through your mailing list, you may use any of this letter as necessary. We suggest you utilize any newsletters or other media to notify your members. Through a combined effort we can realize the passage of this petition which will benefit both your organization and members in many ways. For your convenience, we have listed the following: 1. All of the forms necessary to collect signatures are on our site at www.MoMedicaid.com which can be downloaded. If you do not have printers available, notify us at mailto:forms at MoMedicaid.com letting us know the amount needed and we will send you copies of necessary forms. We are working on a limited budget and would appreciate you utilizing libraries or other sources for your copies. Need more info info at MoMedicaid.com , Your financial support will be appreciated. See our donation link on our web page or https://www.gofundme.com/momedicaid-com. On our site at “Instructions for Sign Up Sheet“, there are instructions on how to fill out the petition form. Although simple, the state is very picky and will toss out your work over simple things. We will need over 100,000 signatures from all over our state. If you can spread the word through e-mails, newsletters, press releases to the local paper and social organizations and churches, we can reach this goal. The last petition I worked on, we had over 300,000 and since the state must approve all signatures, the extra is a plus. Send completed forms to: Mo Medicaid Expansion PO Box 16658 KCMO, 64133 phone 816-731-0677

William Walker

MoAD President 


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