[Nfbmo] kansas city school quits providing braille

Shelia Wright sbwright95 at gmail.com
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Hello, problems that go on and on without resolution may very well require
action. The family in this case is doing what they think they need to do.
They are footing the bill and according to the article have no delusions
that they will benefit financially. They are investing in what they believe
is right and it very well may benefit blind students in the future. If a
school district has an IEP on a child, then the parents should be at the
table and have input into any changes made to that IEP.  

We do not know all the details and we should guard against being critical of
parents or for that matter blind people who stand up for their rights.

Sometimes you can appeal to ones conscious or provide information, sometimes
it takes legislation, yes sometimes it takes a law suit. I am sure I have
reaped the benefits of those that have taken strong stands when they are
needed and suspect that all of us have.

I doubt if the school district overserved this child out of the goodness of
their heart for three years and suddenly realized they did not need to do
anymore. If the family paid for the TVI and the O&M instructor and the
school district only covered the braille materials, it seems that the
parents put forth a lot of resources in attempt to get along. There does not
seem to be any rash decisions here but again, I have not been privy to all
the details.

I don't quite see your point but thanks for sharing the link!



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This story was on fox2 news in st. louis earlier today.
This is happening in third grade, wait until 14th grade and a computer
textbook instructions all say click this or that.
Every problem doesn't require a lawsuit.
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