[NFBMO] Great news BUT...

GeneCoulter at Charter.net GeneCoulter at Charter.net
Tue Dec 4 18:01:29 UTC 2018

	Our team for the Anthem USABA  fitness finished first  for both
October and November out of the 16 teams!
However as of this moment we are in fourth place for December and in
thirteenth place for today.
We are the Show Me State so let's show the other teams by working to
increase our steps a little each day.
I will not that several folks have not sunk in a few days as out of 41
people only 31 folks sunk on the second of December.  You deserve credit
for each step you take so be sure to charge, sink, and wear your Fitbit.
Watching that step count increase can be a very rewarding as well.
By the way, the three teams ahead of us are very catchable but Rustin is
on our tail.

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