[NFBMO] Blind Pension Letters

Gary Wunder GWunder at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 19 14:31:21 UTC 2018

Many of us know that equipment for blind people is costly. This might be
your opportunity to get something that you need but could not otherwise
afford. Credit card debt can eat people alive. What a wonderful chance to
pay it off. Imagine how many years can be taken off a house payment with a
$3000 payment. There are lots of good ways to use this money without
squandering it. Most of us pay a lot more for things than we should because
we simply don't have enough money at the time to do what needs doing. We
live in houses where we tolerate substandard plumbing. We know the air
conditioner needs replacing, but we wait for the inevitable failure. We know
the hot water tank is old and inefficient, but we keep paying more in
utility bills each month because we lack the money to replace it. For some
of us this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I write all of this because I know a number of people who refinance their
houses for lower interest rates, took the additional money they got as a
windfall, and then lost their houses when the rates went up. Maybe some of
us can do better with this unexpected income and use it for something that
will advantage us long-term. I will now go back to minding my own business.

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