[NFBMO] Technology Seminar

Gary Wunder GWunder at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 15 01:11:04 UTC 2018

I am reminded that I was to send a query to this group about what you would like to see in a technology seminar were the Columbia chapter to put one on. What would you like to know more about? Here is a list that may start you thinking. It is not intended to be comprehensive--add whatever you wish.

Screen enlargement software
Screen reader support while using the web
Writing documents in Microsoft Word
Proofing documents
Help with Microsoft Excel
Help with Microsoft Outlook (sending and receiving messages, creating and updating an address book, creating folders and storing documents in them)
Help with the BrailleNote Touch
Help with the BrailleNote Apex
Help with the BrailleSense
Help with dictation software and the bride software that makes it friendlier with screen readers
Help learning and using Skype
Help using the iPhone
Help using the iPad
Help with IOS for the MAC
Help with devices using the Android operating system
Help with using a CCTV and learning what is available
Help using document reading software (print to speech or Braille using optical character recognition)
Help using the KNFB Reader
Help using Microsoft Seeing AI
Learning about Be My Eyes
Learning about Be Specular
Learning about Aira

Lastly, how long should our seminar be? I am assuming we will hold concurrent sessions. Should some of them be offered more than once?

Please send responses to 
gwunder at earthlink.net
and use the subject line
Technology Seminar Suggestions.

Thank you.


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