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Good evening everyone:
SB 681, the National Media Reading Assessment Bill, has passed through the
Missouri Senate and is on its way to the House.  A significant  part of the
legislation is setting the standard at a minimum of using the National Media
Reading Assessment.  Unfortunately, the version which has passed the Senate
and is on its way to the House does not include the National Media Reading
Assessment.  This potentially weakens the effectiveness of the bill bhy
leaving the determination of research based in the hands of the educators
that have ignored the necessity of Braille for far too long.

Your advocacy is needed, and it is a delicate balance.  We need the
committee to understand that SB 681, as it stands, is not good enough.  We
need an amendment to the bill that includes language that dictates that the
minimum standard to be used for a reading assessment should be the National
Media Reading Assessment that, at this time, is the only standardized method
of determining the most effective method of reading to learn.  The delicate
part of this balance is to assertively state that, without the National
Media Reading Assessment included, we do not feel it will do any good.  It
is imperative for them to add an amendment including the National Media
Reading Assessment.  Progress is being made, and we do not want to stop the
train, but we also do not want a bill to pass that does nothing to enhance
the literacy of blind children.

Below is the contact information for the committee that will be considering
SB 681.  Please right a personal note or call the members and encourage them
to add in the National Media Reading Assessment.

Missouri House of Representatives
Elementary & Secondary Education

Kathryn Swan - Chair (r)
Kathryn.swan at house.mo.gov<mailto:Kathryn.swan at house.mo.gov>

Rebecca Roeber - Vice Chair (r)
Rebecca.roeber at house.mo.gov<mailto:Rebecca.roeber at house.mo.gov>

Judy Morgan (D)
Judy.morgan at house.mo.gov<mailto:Judy.morgan at house.mo.gov>

Ira Anders (D)
Ira.anders at house.mo.gov<mailto:Ira.anders at house.mo.gov>

Kurt Bahr (r)
Kurt.bahr at house.mo.gov<mailto:Kurt.bahr at house.mo.gov>

Gretchen Bangert (D)
Gretchen.bangert at house.mo.gov<mailto:Gretchen.bangert at house.mo.gov>

Jay Barnes (r)
Jay.barnes at house.mo.gov<mailto:Jay.barnes at house.mo.gov>

Chuck Basy (r)
Charles.basye at house.mo.gov<mailto:Charles.basye at house.mo.gov>

Ingrid Burnett (D)
Ingrid.burnett at house.mo.gov<mailto:Ingrid.burnett at house.mo.gov>

Shamed Dogan (r)
Shamed.dogan at house.mo.gov<mailto:Shamed.dogan at house.mo.gov>

Mark Matthiesen (r)
Mark.matthiesen at house.mo.gov<mailto:Mark.matthiesen at house.mo.gov>

Bryan Spencer (r)
Bryan.spencer at house.mo.gov<mailto:Bryan.spencer at house.mo.gov>

David Wood (r)
David.wood at house.mo.gov<mailto:David.wood at house.mo.gov>

Committee Contact: Janet Land

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Roger Crome
NFB of Missouri
Governmental Affairs Chair

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