[NFBMO] Beauty Bar for banquet at convention

amy plumlee olddrumnfb at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 22:37:50 UTC 2018

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, 

This years convention will have beauty bar. It will get you feeling fresh and fancy for our banquet. There will be a series of tables to get you ready. 

One will be for getting you nice and fresh after a long day of general session. This will include face cleanser, moisturizer  and some other body products. 

Now gentlemen this first station is for you as well. You wouldn’t believe how great you feel after washing your face but the rest of these are for the ladies. 

Second will be making your eye makeup sparkle. 

Third station will be finding a foundation for you. Don’t worry there is a method to the madness of eyes before foundation. 

Finally a lipstick you will love. 

This will be Mary Kay products. There is NO cost to using the beauty bar. If some of you are nervous about using Mary Kay. I will let you know Mary Kay has changed its formula and there is a right match for you. You can call me or email me if you have any questions. 

Amy purchases made during state convention 25% of it will go to the Old Drum chapter. 
I look forward to pampering you before our amazing banquet. 
Amy Wilson

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