[NFBMO] ACB Radio's Treasure Trove: Halloween Programming

nancy Lynn seabreeze.stl at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 17:03:05 UTC 2018

It’s Halloween, and ACB Radio’s Treasure Trove<http://acbradio.org/trove>
has some treats for you! Beginning at 12 a.m. Eastern on October 31st, we
will be bringing you 24 hours of Halloween programming. The schedule of
shows is as follows:

Hour 1:
Baby Snooks Show - Halloween Joke Boomerangs
Boston Blackie - Granny's Witchcraft

Hour 2:
The Hall of Fantasy - The Shadow People
Bob Hope Skit - Halloween
Jack Carson Show - Halloween Date with a Brazilian Girl

Hour 3:
Mystery in the Air - The Black Cat
Quiet Please - Calling All Souls

Hour 4:
Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Uddington Witch
Hall of Fantasy - The Tell-Tale Heart

Hour 5:
Weird Circle - The Oblong Box
The Whistler - Death Comes At Midnight

Hour 6:
The Aldrich Family - Halloween
Archie Andrews - Halloween Party

Hour 7:
Arthur Godfrey Time - Halloween Show
Charlie McCarthy - Guest - Orson Welles

Hour 8:
Father Knows Best - Halloween Blues
Dr. Christian - Sterling Silver

Hour 9:
Inner Sanctum Mysteries - Corpse for Halloween
Lights Out - Poltergeist

Hour 10:
Weird Circle - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Jack Benny - Masquerade Party

Hour 11:
Mysterious Traveler - The Good Die Young
Jack Benny - Jack Throws A Halloween Party

Hour 12:
Quiet Please - Don't Tell Me About Halloween
Hall Of Fantasy - Castle

Hour 13:
Unexpected - Nightmare
Fibber McGee And Molly - Trick or Treating with Teeny
Suspense - Lazarus Walks

Hour 14:
My Favorite Husband - Halloween Surprise Party
Life Of Riley - Halloween Haunted House

Hour 15:
Casey Crime Photographer - Great Grandfather's Rent Receipt
Chase - My Love Is A Ghost

Hour 16:
Fibber McGee And Molly - Halloween Party At Gildersleeve's
Great Gildersleeve - Halloween Party

Hour 17:
Escape - Three Skeleton Key
Hermit's Cave - House On Lost Lands Bluff

Hour 18:
Inner Sanctum  - The Vengeful Corpse
Jack Benny - Jack Goes Trick Or Treating

Hour 19:
Lights Out - Valse Triste
Mysterious Traveler - Behind the Locked Door

Hour 20:
Mercury Theater - The War of the Worlds

Hour 21:
Mystery Theater - The Wendigo
Suspense - On a Country Road

Hour 22:
Mercury Theater - Dracula

Hour 23:
Sam Spade – The Fairley Bright Caper
The Shadow - Death Rides a Broomstick

Hour 24:
Our Miss Brooks - Halloween Party
Ozzie And Harriet - Haunted House

Treasure Trove’s normal programming will resume Nov. 7th.

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