[NFBMO] Agenda for Columbia Chapter Tech Seminar

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I am not an expert on the iPhone but I know when my phone is locked, I have
trouble answering the phone. I must first hit home and unlock the phone
before I can answer. This is not a problem if I set my phone to never lock.
As this does potentially make the info on your phone less secure, I am not
sure if it is recommended. I do use fingerprint to unlock my phone  which
does help some.

The author Fred mentioned is great though for anything I've seen her write


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When you get a call, grab your phone and move your finger or thumb several
directions, would someone know why nothing happens and you end up not being
able to answer the call?

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Fellow federationists,

Here is the agenda for the Jaws and iPhone seminar taking place this
Saturday in Columbia!  We hope you can attend!!!  See attached!

Julie A. McGinnity
MM Vocal Performance, 2015; President, National Federation of the Blind
Performing Arts Division; First Vice President, National Federation of the
Blind of Missouri

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