[NFBMO] change in transition call time

Debbie Wunder debbiewunder at charter.net
Wed Sep 19 16:03:42 UTC 2018

Hello all. We have changed the  time and night of our transition call to
blindness. Until the first of the year the call will be the third Wednesday,
tonight, at 8:30. The call in number is 612 468 8005 and the access code


This call is for anyone who has questions about blindness, it is a place to
share your accomplishments, talk about any concerns you might have. The call
is for anyone , maybe you are just loosing your vision, maybe you are a
sighted partner or parent, maybe you have always been blind, but have
something you would like to discuss . So, another words this call is for
anyone who would like to join us!


Hope to hear from many of you this evening.



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