[NFBMO] National Convention stipends

GeneCoulter at Charter.net GeneCoulter at Charter.net
Mon Apr 8 00:30:21 UTC 2019

We have a limited budget to help folks financially  to attend the
National NFB Convention in Las Vegas July 7 - 12. Preference is given to
first time attendees, but all applications will be considered by the
Rittgers Committee.  To be considered your application  absolutely must
be received by 5:00 pm on May 15.
The more  specific your application the better. You should include the
following :
Minimum amount you would need to aid you in getting to convention
How many national conventions you've to.
How long have you been a member
What you hope to get out of the experience. And any other items you
think would be helpful to our committee.
Email your application letter to me at GeneCoulter at Charter.Net
No one will be even close to fully funded as our total budget is
$1500.00 as this fund is intended to  make it possible for those to
attend who would not otherwise be able to experience  the largest
gathering of blind persons in the world. Eugene Coulter, Rittgers
Committee Chair 

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