[NFBMO] Professionals group

amy plumlee olddrumnfb at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 13:12:44 UTC 2019

Hello All, 

I am setting up another call for the new professionals group. This group is for anyone who is currently working or seeking work. Yes this is some of the same things as the Employment Committee. 

We are looking to give it a name as well. Some names that have been thrown out have been Missouri Professionals Network and the MO professionals Club. If you have suggestions let us hear them. 

Our next meeting will be March 15th at 8pm. I will post the phone number the day before so you won’t lose it in the email stack. 

Looking forward to the call and hearing all of you thoughts. We will be discussing what we want to do as a group and how we want to learn it all. 

Thank you for your time.
Amy Wilson

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