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There are two different work expenses. Under SSI they are called
Blindness related Expenses and under SSDI they are called Impairment
Work Related expenses. The website is SSA.Gov and type these titles into
the search bar.
Generally Blindness Related expenses (BRE)under SSI are much broader and
largely include the Impairment Work Related expenses (IWRE) under SSDI.
Transportation under IWRE is not an IWRE expense unless there is no
regular public transportation available such as city bus, walking, or
Metro Link, but might be allowed on BRE in some cases.
Equipment like AIRA may or not be allowable. As the two questions you
would be asked:  "How is it need for employment considering other access
technology that are already available?" and "If it is needed for
employment why isn't the state rehab agency or employer paying for it?"
While BRE is very easy to bet allowances for things like work clothes,
raised line markers the only absolute  things under under IWRE are the
out of pocket cost eye medications and care and feeding of a dog guide.

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Would someone know a website to read more about what are valid work
related expenses such as transportation or aira that can decrease your
monthly income?




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