[NFBMO] Clarification On St. Louis Cardinals Auction Items

Dennis Miller dennismiller at cableone.net
Wed Mar 20 03:01:37 UTC 2019

Hi Again:


I'm afraid I wasn't as clear as I should have been regarding the description
of the St. Louis Cardinals World Series ring set and picture.  I saw the
number 11 and thought it meant 2011.  It actually indicates the eleven
different World Series the Cardinals have won.


The picture is of replica tickets from all eleven World Series the Cardinals
have won and of various players who played for the Cardinals in those eleven
World Series.  It is my understanding the picture is quite large.


The ring set is in an ornate display box and contains replica rings from all
eleven of the World Series the Cardinals have won.

I'm sorry for the earlier misinformation.  We were given this opportunity
very late in the planning stages for the auction and have been scrambling to
get everything done.



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