[NFBMO] Our April results and our challenge competitors

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Wed May 1 18:55:06 UTC 2019


Our April results on the Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield National Fitness
Challenge. We did not meet the goal of an average of 10,000 daily steps
as we had  9,872 steps and finished 4th amongst the 18 teams. 

We came from behind and beat Denver by 37 steps.

As you know we have another challenge coming up this weekend from May 4
through May 12 against the other NFB teams. So, I have listed the steps
for each team for April below. Can we maintain our first place  position
among these teams. Rustin usually does extra good during these

St. Louis 9,872

Rustin 9,342

Seattle 7,715

Milwaukee 7,110


            Let's go show-me state!





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Subject: FW: Anthem/USABA National Fitness Challenge Contest - May
4th-May 12th


Hey NFB of Missouri NFC Team,


We just heard today about a new contest USABA is sponsoring. Here are
the details for our upcoming contest which starts on Saturday. One more
team competition with USABA and one more month to put forth our best
effort from our Show-Me state!






From: Tracy Kinoshita [mailto:tkinoshita at usaba.org] 
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Subject: Anthem/USABA National Fitness Challenge Contest - May 4th-May


Good Afternoon, 


To kick off the last month of the Anthem/USABA National Fitness
Challenge, Saturday we begin our final group challenge. This challenge
will run from May 4th-May 12th and all participants who reach at least
200 active minutes will be entered in to a drawing for one of 14 $50
Dick's Sporting Goods gift cards.  We will also include a team average
step competition with the winner of each group earning a $100 Dick's
Sporting Goods gift card.  Good luck!


Group 1:

NFB Missouri

NFB Washington

NFB Wisconsin

Louisiana Center for the Blind/NFB Louisiana


Group 2:

Wayfinder Services LA

Lighthouse San Francisco

Society for the Blind Sacramento

Miami Lighthouse


Group 3:

Center for the Visually Impaired Georgia

Iris Network - Portland, Maine

Cleveland Sight Center

Cincinnati Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired


Group 4:

USA Goalball 

Indy Thunder Beep Baseball

WE Fit Wellness

Metro Washington Assoc of Blind Athletes

Ohio Blind Soccer (Columbus)



Good Luck!



Tracy Kinoshita

U.S. Association of Blind Athletes (USABA)

Empowering │ Inspiring │ Life-changing

Program Specialist 

916.995.9238 cell

www.usaba.org <http://www.usaba.org/>  │ Follow USABA  Facebook
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