[NFBMO] The Kansas City Chapter is holding a Tupperware Fundraiser!

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Sun May 19 19:17:29 UTC 2019

Dear Missouri Federationists:

The National Federation of the Blind Kansas City Chapter is holding a Tupperware fundraiser which ends on June 28. The chapter gets 40% of the sale, that is right, a whopping 40%! Some of the items on the catalog are exclusive to the fundraising catalog. Our Tupperware consultant, Susan Tindell, has been working with blind people for many years and understands that some of the material that Tupperware puts out are not accessible. She has taken the time to make this fundraising catalog accessible for us and I will paste it at the bottom under my signature.

You can order online by going to:
http://bit.ly/FundrNFBofKC <http://bit.ly/FundrNFBofKC>

You then go to the bottom of the page and click "Shop Now>". Though JAWS does not report this as a button or link, clicking on that item will take you to the next page. The shipping charge is $5 plus 10% of your order, but there is a $10 minimum shipping charge so it pays to bundle your orders with family members and friends. You will receive your order within 9 days. Anyone in the USA can order from this website soe make sure you forward this e-mail to anyone you know!

Best Regards

Daniel Garcia, President, Kansas City Chapter
National Federation of the Blind of Missouri
dangarcia3 at hotmail.com<mailto:dangarcia3 at hotmail.com>
(816) 621-0902
Live the life you want.


You can also view a fairly accessible PDF catalog at:

(On the cover of the brochure is a picture of a cute little girl in pigtails and yellow rain boots under a rainbow-colored umbrella splashing in a water puddle)

Page 2 care for your community

Tupperware makes it so easy to start a fundraiser for a charitable cause close to your heart. The best part? With no investment, the nonprofit organization or charitable cause you're raising funds for will receive 40% of the proceeds.

To start your own fundraiser, contact your local Tupperware Consultant or call 1-800-TUPPERWARE (1-800-887-7379).

Page 3  making a difference at home
Tupperware makes a difference in your H.O.M.E. by providing products and solutions for improving Health, Organization, saving Money and doing better for the Environment.
And by shopping, or organizing, a fundraiser with a Tupperware
Consultant, you're helping a charitable cause close to home, as well as supporting a local entrepreneur. Thank you!

Page 4  keep it fresh

a Cheese Keeper
Includes slide-out tray for convenient serving and seal for storage. color: Popsicle/White
#5522    $19.00
Amount donated: $7.60

b Small Pick-A-Deli® Container With lift-up strainer for pickles, peppers, olives and more. 4½ cup color: Fuchsia Kiss
#5524    $14.00
Amount donated: $5.60

c Junior Cereal Storer 3½ cup  seal color: Tokyo Blue  container is clear
#5512   $11.00
Amount donated: $4.40

Page 5
d Spice Shaker Set with Carousel . Includes eight small ½-cup and eight large 1-cup spice shakers with carousel.  Carousel is color white. Shaker containers are clear with Black seals. Each Seal has one side for shaking and one side with opening for a measuring spoon
#5521    $99.00
Amount donated: $39.60

e Veggie Keeper. Each fun-shaped fresh-keeper also great for serving dips, sliced veggies and more. Your choice of Keeper.
$9.00 each
Amount donated: $3.60
#5525 Tomato Keeper in color Chili
#5526 Avocado Keeper in color Moss
#5530 Onion Keeper in color Pearl Oyster

Page 6 on the go

a Banana Keeper No more bruising or breaking. color:  Sunkissed yellow
#5509     $6.00
Amount donated: $2.40

b. Summer Jam Lunch Set Includes insulated lunch bag , Lunch-It® Container, Sandwich Keeper and Snack Cup.  Tupperware products are color: Margarita/Pink Punch
#5501    $45.00
Amount donated: $18.00

c Round Keepers with Smidget Containers.  Includes two keepers for bagels or English muffins and two 1-oz./30mL Smidget® Containers
to store cream cheese, butter or jelly. color:  Azure/Indigo
#5531     $22.00
Amount donated: $8.80

d Sandwich Keeper . One-piece wonder keeps sandwiches safe from the smoosh. color: Purplicious
#5518   $7.50
Amount donated: $3.00

Page 7

e Insulated Tumbler Double-walled design keeps drinks cold for hours, with no condensation build-up.
Straw not included. 24 oz. color: Turquish
#5527    $22.00
Amount donated: $8.80

f Round Container. Freezer-safe container fits a 9" pie or up to 12 muffins. color: Cool Aqua
#5536    $21.00
Amount donated: $8.40

g Eco Plus Water Bottle .Sleek and ultra-durable, with included easy-carry strap. 25 oz.  color:  Black
#5506     $15.00
Amount donated: $6.00

h Little Bit of Everything Set . Includes two each 2-oz.Tupper® Minis, 6-oz. Little Wonders® Bowls, 13½-oz.Refrigerator Bowls and
2-cup Big Wonders® Bowls. colors: Hot Pepper/Indigo/Peacock
#5523    $29.00
Amount donated: $11.60

Note: Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.

Page 8-9. KIDS

a Animal Eco Water Bottle.  Chill with Max the Monkey, Pengui the Penguin or Barnaby the Bear. Choose your favorite! Each is 12 oz.
Amount donated: $2.80
#5514 Max the Monkey.   color: Basic Blue
# 5516 Pengui the Penguin .  color: Cherry
# 5517 Barnaby Bear .  color : Black

b Max the Monkey Snack Cup. 10 oz. color: Basic Blue
#5515     $5.00
Amount donated: $2.00

c Mini Classic Cereal Bowls.  Keep snacks and small treasures safe. Set of four 1.4-oz. with seals. (Very small, less than 2 ounces)
#5505    $11.00
Amount donated: $4.40

d Baby Stages Feeding Set The set that grows right along with them. Includes children's divided dish with handle and seal,
8½-oz. feeding cup with seal and formula dispenser-that holds up to three servings-with seal.  color: Tropical Water
#5508    $19.00
Amount donated: $7.60

Page 10-11 prep, serve, enjoy

a Thatsa® Medium Bowl With handy thumb-loop and liquid-tight seal. 19 cup.  color: Electric Pink/White
#5507   $21.00
Amount donated: $8.40

b Junior Season-Serve® Container  Perfectly marinate smaller cuts of meat. 9½ x 7½ x 3¼"  color: Salt Water Taffy
#5529    $15.00
Amount donated: $6.00

c Salad Serving Forks
For easily serving the biggest of salads. color: Parrotfish
#5510    $9.00
Amount donated: $3.60

d Flexible Cutting Mat.  Non-slip base makes for the perfect cutting companion. 15 x 11½". color: Fuchsia Kiss
#5537    $15.00
Amount donated: $6.00

Note: Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.
*Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Page 12-13  sweet somethings

a Tupperware Chic Dining® Dipper.   Fill container with water, add divided insert, and then fill with chocolate on each side. Just microwave and
you turn fondue-style into fun-do. Includes four dipping forks that rest on insert's edge between dipping.  color: Cherry/White
#5504    $22.00
Amount donated: $8.80

b Thatsa® Extra Mini Bowls.  Set of two 2½-cup bowls. color: Pearl Oyster/Pink Prosecco
#5502   $12.00
Amount donated: $4.80

c Sparkly Heart Keeper.  For toting, or gifting, your favorite sweets. color:  Starlight Lipstick
#5534    $9.00
Amount donated: $3.60

d Small Packables.  A better way to pack daytime essentials like snacks, first aid, crayons, lipsticks and more.  color: Blue Surf/Chili/Prairie
#5511    $12.00
Amount donated: $4.80

e Turnover Makers. Fill with flavor! Make homemade turnovers filled with apples, meat, cheese, or whatever your creativity cooks up. Set of four.  color:  Cherry
#5580   $15.00
Amount donated: $6.00

f Costa Del Sol Dessert Cups* Set of four 6-oz. bowls with seals that lock into the bases for secure stacking.  color: Poppy/White
#5533    $18.00
Amount donated: $7.20

g Cupcake Keepers Take sweet treats or muffins to go in individual-sized containers. color: Cool Aqua/Pink Punch
#5528    $15.00
Amount donated: $6.00

Note: Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.
*Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Page 14-15
Hi, my name is I'm raising funds for Make checks payable to ________
THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER! We're proud to support the communities in which we live and work. We're dedicated to providing the finest service, quality and value in the fundraising industry.

Right to Cancel You may cancel this transaction, without penalty or obligation, by providing written notice to the Tupperware
Consultant identified above, within three (3) business days from the date you place your order for Tupperware® products. If
you cancel, you must make available to your Tupperware Consultant any goods delivered to you under this contract of sale.
The goods delivered to you must be available for pick up at your residence and be in as good a condition as when received.
If your Tupperware Consultant does not pick up the goods within twenty (20) days of the date of your written notice of
cancellation, you may resend or deliver a signed and dated copy of your written notice of cancellation directly to Tupperware
U.S., Inc. P.O. Box 2353 Orlando, FL 32802, attention Customer Care or call 1-800-TUPPERWARE.

5 order forms -- like this:


Back cover,:

2019 Tupperware. All rights reserved. Tupperware® brand products are warranted by Tupperware against chipping, cracking,
breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime for the product. Products noted with a or symbol
are warrantied to be free of manufacturing defects. See Tupperware catalog or www.tupperware.com<http://www.tupperware.com> for further details.
Printed in the USA. Food and props pictured with products not included. Actual product colors and appearance may differ
slightly based on photographic limitations. Colors may vary and substitutions may occur. To receive a catalog of the
complete line of Tupperware® brand products, contact your Tupperware Consultant. To find a Consultant in your area, visit
www.tupperware.com<http://www.tupperware.com> or call 1-800-TUPPERWARE (1-800-887-7379).
Products sold by Tupperware U.S. & Canada are BPA free.

This brochure made with naturally replenishable vegetable oils, the inks used to print this
flyer emit lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and minimize any potential
negative impact to the environment.

Susan Tindell
Tupperware Director
785-448-2915  call / text
Facebook page:  Susan Overstreet Tindell

"We keep our foods fresh, but our job spoils us rotten."

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