[NFBMO] tenBroek Award nominations

Jenny Carmack jcarmack314 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 20:50:29 UTC 2020

Happy New Year everyone;

Now that we have rung in the New Year it is time to turn our focus
towards the upcoming state convention.  During the state convention we
take time to  present awards to those who have done work in promoting
the efforts of the NFB.  One of these awards is the Jacobus tenBroek
Award.  This award is given to someone who: 1 lives in the state of
Missouri, 2 is a sighted person, and 3 has demonstrated a longstanding
commitment toward promoting the work of the NFB and helping blind
people.  The tenBroek Award Committee is now accepting nominations for
this award.  Nominations for this award must be submitted in writing
by February 1, 2020.  When submitting a nominee please include the
persons name and details of the things the person has done to qualify
for this award and send them to me at jcarmack314 at gmail.com

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.  The
committee looks forward to reading your submissions.

Jenny Carmack
tenBroek Award Committee Chair
jcarmack314 at gmail.com
call or text 314-239-9776

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