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Below are the lists of various affiliate award winners as requested by Daniel Garcia. As far as the tenBroek and Jernigan Awards are concerned I believe  the lists to be complete. If anyone has additions to make please send them to me or Sheliaa\ so we can update the list and get them loaded to data retention.
Gene Coulter

Jernigan Award Winners

The Jernigan Award has been presented to a blind member of the NFB of Missouri for exceptional long term service to blind persons of the state. It is only presented when a suitable recipient is determined  to deserve our highest honor; therefore as of 2015 the award has been presented 38 times out of a possible 53 years. The Jernigan Award was originally the Parin D.
McElroy Award. Resolution 73.02 changed the name of the Parin D. McElroy Award to the Kenneth Jernigan Award on April 15,1973 with Dr. Jernigan present at the Aladdin Hotel in Kansas City.
In the sixties Polly Salter and Cotton Busby also received the Jernigan/Parin D. McElroy Award.

1966:  Parin D. McElroy Award, Larry Tittle
1967:   Parin D. McElroy Award, Dora Tolle
1969:  Parin D. McElroy Award - Gwen Rittgers
1972:  Parin D. McElroy Award - George Rittgers
1973 Jernigan/ Parin D. McElroy Award, Nel Martin
1975:  Jernigan, Rhoda Dower
1976:  Jernigan, Tiny Beedle
1977:  Jernigan, Margaret Bohley
1978:  Jernigan, John Dower
1979:  Jernigan, Gary Wunder
1980:  Jernigan, Tom Stevens
1981:  Jernigan, Jana Sims (Moynihan)
1982:  Jernigan, Billie Weaver
1983:  Jernigan, *Nick and Debbie Whitney
1984:  Jernigan, Loretta Benavidez
1985:  Jernigan, Bill Neal
1986:  Jernigan, Pauline Murphy
1987:  Jernigan, Rita Lynch
1988:  Jernigan, Roy Zuvers
1989:  Jernigan, Ed Bryant
1991:  Jernigan Jim Moynihan
1992:  Jernigan, Melvin Lewis
1993:  Jernigan, Debbie Worley (Wunder)
1994:  Jernigan, Carol Coulter
1995:  Jernigan, John Ford
1996:  Jernigan, Patricia Morrow
1997:  Jernigan, Susan Ford
1998:  Jernigan, Larry Murphy
1999:  Jernigan, Eugene Coulter
2000:  Jernigan, Shelia Wright
2001:  Jernigan, Martha Young
2002:  Jernigan, Dick Morris
2003:  Jernigan, Ruby Polk
2005 Jernigan Pat Arnold
2007 Jernigan - Jeremiah Wells
2012 Jernigan - Dan Flasar
2015 Jernigan- Gary Horchem
2016 Dacia Cole
2017 Chris Tisdal
2019 Julie McGinnity

tenBroek Award Winners

The tenBroek Award is presented to a sighted Missourian or an organization that has made a long term contribution to Blind Persons in the State of Missouri and is our oldest award. It is only presented when there is a worthy recipient. In 53 years the award has been earned 38 times. 

1962: tenBroek - Downtown Optimist Club
1963:  TenBroek, Flora Hirsch
1964:  TenBroek, Delores Hakan (Benjamin)
1965:  TenBroek, Walt Bodine, Kansas City radio personality
1966 -             TenBroek, Mike Combs
1968:  TenBroek, Philip Scaglia
1969         TenBroek, Carl Wyatt
1973:  TenBroek, Helen Ruth Hill
1975:            TenBroek, Martha Kelley
1976         TenBroek, Maggie Getz
1977           TenBroek, Nick Mahoney
1978           TenBroek, Bill and Jama Sims
1979           TenBroek, John and Louise Orick
1982           TenBroek, Lawson Weaver
1983 TenBroek, Delores Barton (Watson)
1984 TenBroek, John Thompson
1986 TenBroek, Diana Aubuchon
1987           TenBroek, Helen Stevens
1988           TenBroek, Mary Lewis
1989           TenBroek, Tom Culleton
1990           TenBroek, June Homan
1991  TenBroek, Thelda Borisch
1992           TenBroek, Cletus Hentges
1993 TenBroek Betty Meyer
1995           TenBroek, Irene Wyatt
1997            TenBroek, Dianna Morris
1998           TenBroek, Lawrence Luck
2000           TenBroek, Larry Polk
2001            TenBroek, Cora Underwood
2002            TenBroek, Jeff Wright
2003             TenBroek, Lois Ulmer
2005 tenBroek: Deborah Stroup
2006 tenBroek: Elizabeth Coulter
2008 TenBroek - Alvin Toebben
2010 - tenBroek Award -Jerry Wilson
2012 tenBroek - Phyllis Wilson
2013 tenBroek- Justin Col
2015 tenBroek Laura Rios
2017 Kathy and Ron Hurley
*The award may now be presented to only one person.

Gary Wunder Awards

This list contains all recipients of the Gary Wunder Award. The award was variously called the Affiliate Award or Rittgers Award prior to 2017 when the convention adopted a permanent name honoring our longest serving State President Gary Wunder. Following the list of Wunder Award recipients is a list containing various other awards  excluding the Jernigan and tenBroek Awards that the affiliate has given over the years.

1992:  Rittgers, Tom and Helen Stevens
1993:  Rittgers, Dick Morris
1996:  Rittgers, Dick Edlund
           Affiliate, Joe and Shirley Sutton
1997: Affiliate Rita Lynch
Affiliate Gary Wunder
1998: Affiliate, Beth Eckles
1999: Affiliate, Cletus Hentges
           Rittgers, Diane McGeorge
2001:         Affiliate, John and Sandy Halverson
2003: Affiliate, Rep. Roy Blunt, R-MO
2004:   Affiliate: Shelia Wright
2005: Affiliate: Missouri Assistive Tech
2008: Affiliate Award - Representative Danie Moore - May 15
2011:  Affiliate - Martha Kelly
2014: Affiliate Eugene Coulter
2015: Affiliate Susan
2018 Wunder Award Carol Coulter 

Other Awards
1976 Scholarship Gary Wunder
1979 Scholarships Jan Purdy and Carol Giesing (Coulter)
1980 Scholarship Carol Giesing (Coulter)
1983 Scholarship Patty Jaycox (Stift)
1984:  Employer of the Year - University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics
   1993: Zuvers Traveling Trophy, Jeff City
1994:  Zuvers Traveling Trophy, Jeff City
1995:  Zuvers Traveling Trophy, Jeff City
1996:            Zuvers Traveling Trophy, St. Louis
1997:             Zuvers Traveling Trophy, Columbia
1998: Zuvers Traveling Trophy, Jeff City
1999: Webmaster Award Lawrence Coulter (For establishing the website on
            Zuvers Traveling Trophy, Jeff City
2000:  Zuvers Traveling Trophy, Columbia
2001:             Zuvers Traveling Trophy, Kansas City
2002: Zuvers Traveling Trophy, Kansas City
2003:             Zuvers Traveling Trophy, Kansas City
2004:             Zuvers Trophy: Kansas City 2005: Zuvers Traveling Trophy:
Kansas City
2006: Zuvers Traveling Trophy: Kansas City King & Queen - St. Louis Betty Meyer & Bryan Schulz2007
2007: Zuvers Traveling Trophy: Kansas City King & Queen  - Kansas City (Dave Hutchins & Gloria Carson)
2008: Zuvers Traveling Trophy - Kansas City King & Queen - Kansas City (Dave Hutchins & Gloria Carson)
2009: Zuvers Traveling Trophy - Kansas City Chapter King & Queen Contest - Willa Patterson for Kansas City
2010: Zuvers Traveling Trophy - Kansas City King & Queen - Sarita Cann and Claudell Cann for Kansas City Scholarship Winners - Sheila Mathews, Antone Jenkins and Ashley P
2011: Traveling Trophy - Kansas City
King & Queen - Dave Hutchins and Debbie Eifler, Kansas City Chapter Dower and Hentges Scholarships - Sylvia Modesitt, Chad Rohr, Ryan Wood
2012: Roy Zuvers Travelling trophy Kansas City King and Queen Kansas City
2013: Zuvers travelling Trophy- Kansas City King and Queen-Jefferson City
2016 Dower and Hentges Scholarships - Mark Myers, Brandon Haas, Jenny Carmack
2017: Special Flame Award Gary Wunder (one time only award) Dower and Hentges Scholarships Ethan Baldwin, Nina Theroff, and Ruth Oleynik

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