[NFBMO] Friday seminar, state convention

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Tue Jun 2 23:51:04 UTC 2020

Transition and Change: The Opportunities Hiding inside the Fear
When: Friday, June 6 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Join members of the National Federation of the Blind as we discuss our
philosophy of blindness and take on directly those who ask the questions: I
can't read, write or travel. How in the world can you tell me to live the
life I want?
1:00     Welcome, Debbie Wunder, Seminar Chair, and Shelia Wright,
President, National Federation of the Blind of Missouri 
1:05     Blindness the Physical and Blindness the Psychological: Gary Wunder
1:10     Going Blind and Once Again Finding my Independence: Ron Brown,
Second Vice President, National Federation of the Blind
1:20     Questions
1:25     Believe in Yourself and Understanding Self-efficacy Robyn House,
1:40     Questions
1:45     Learning You are a Diabetic: Who Needs Another Challenge: Anil
Lewis, Executive Director of Blindness Initiatives, National Federation of
the Blind
1:55     Questions
2:00     Monitoring Blood Sugar  is Key: Using a Continuous Glucose Monitor:
Jeannie Massay, Treasurer, National Federation of the Blind and president of
the NFB of Oklahoma
2:10     The LebreLink: another, less expensive approach: Jean Brown, Second
Vice President, Diabetes Action Network 
2:15     What Can I Eat and Who do I listen to: Discovering What Works for
You: Gary Wunder, Kathy Hurley, and Brian Buhrow
2:30     Inside My Kitchen: Rita Lynch, former Rehabilitation Teacher and
current president of the National Federation of the Blind of Jefferson City
2:40     Questions
2:45     Becoming your   child's Teacher during the Pandemic: Jenny Carmack,
Second Vice President, National Federation of the Blind of Missouri
2:55     Questions
3:00     The First Year of Parenthood, and Yes We are Both Blind: Ben and
Teresa Vercellone
3:10 Questions
3:15     I raised My Children, but Now that I am Totally Blind, can I safely
Care for my Grandchildren: Debbie Wunder 
3:20     Questions
3:25     Does Independent Travel Mean Route Rehearsal or Going Where I want
When I want: David Nietfeld, O&M NOMC, Colorado Center for the Blind
3:35     Questions
3:40     What is in My Closet, And How I Put It Together: Chris Danielsen,
Director, Public Relations, National Federation of the Blind
3:50     The Role of Exercise in Getting and Remaining Healthy: Jessica
4:00     Adjourn

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