[NFBMO] usb headset

Bryan Schulz b.schulz at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 9 23:30:44 UTC 2020


It may be mute as I could not complete the application plus the customer voice will be coming from the company custom software.
When I finally got to the end and was requested to upload pictures of all sides of my tower, I found out there is a 1mb size limit and ran out of time to figure out how to make my pics smaller.

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Plantronics makes a headset that on one side connects into a speaker from your computer or I guess a output from your laptop. On the other side, it has a connection to your phone. It works pretty good. I think that you can get it through Maxi aids. I will look and see if I can find the SK You number

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> On Jun 9, 2020, at 3:31 PM, Bryan Schulz via NFBMO <nfbmo at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Could someone recommend what headset can provide customer voice on one 
> side, jaws voice on the other side plus microphone features connected by usb?
> Bryan
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