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Shelia Wright sbwright95 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 05:40:45 UTC 2020

Hi Bryan,

I just want to ask that if you want to share information related to
blindness to just do it. Some of our members might be interested to check
out the conference. However, I do not appreciate when you attribute your
negative comments that are not actually true about the NFB to this
Listserve. The commentary before the information about the Foundation
Fighting Blindness is the problem not sharing something you thought was

The NFB is indeed interested in research and participates in research that
increases opportunities for blind people  like you and me. I hope you
recognize you have benefited from our research and the programs that we
develp. . Such statements as you made in your post contributes to
misunderstanding who we are and what we do. Our purpose and mission is not
to find a cure for blindness but that does not mean disinterest. We dedicate
our work to increasing opportunities for the blind and raising expectations.
We certainly do not embrace any organization when they portray us as
helpless or deprived of living a fulfilling life. Medical research certainly
can be a great thing when done  well and there are many organizations that
raise money to do medical research. I am proud that the NFB is invested in
helping blind people live the life we want. Your help is appreciated when
you choose to do so but derogatory remarks about us are not becoming to
aFederation member.  

If you fill the need to debate this I will talk with you about this off
list. My purpose here is to correct the misinformation you posted  about the


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Although the nfb doesn't seem to have any interest in research, the opening
session of the foundation fighting blindness visions conference is on zoom
for free and the opening session was interesting.

For more info, visit www.fightingblindness.org/visions2020



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