[NFBMO] FW: Uber, Lyft, and Service Animals: The Discrimination Continues

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Fri May 1 15:49:47 UTC 2020

I think that our settlement agreements with Uber and Lyft were a great thing to put in place. I saw two things that made them less effective than they could have been. Many folks who were adamant about their right to travel with a guide dog weren't so adamant about making a report that they thought might cost someone his or her job. Are our rights only important in the abstract? Is someone else supposed to be the bad guy?

Then there was acknowledging all of the good rides. People just didn't do it very much. Maybe the thinking was that there was no reason for praise if you were doing what you were supposed to do, but the long and short of it is that we didn't get numbers that were anywhere near reflective of people who used Uber and Lyft with guide dogs. I think Robyn Wallen had a thankless job, and she did everything short of begging for reports.

Discrimination is something we have to do more than care about in the abstract. Our programs are something we have to do more than care about in the abstract. It shouldn't just be our national leaders who make their voices heard.



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