[NFBMO] No cost to you to fund NFB of MO

GeneCoulter at Charter.net GeneCoulter at Charter.net
Wed Aug 4 17:58:01 UTC 2021

I just got back from a trip to Florida and saw that my son was using Amazon
Smile and had signed up to support the NFB of Missouri, he must get a lot of
stuff from Amazon as he has contributed nearly $50 to us which makes my
families $18 look puny. We have as an organization raised about $260 through
this source. 
My question is why not more? It is so easy to do and costs us absolutely
Here is how to help out:
First, go to www.NFBMo.org and right on the home page is the link to sign up
for Amazon Smile. Click on the link and follow the directions.
Second, to use Smile just  use the website www.Smile.Amazon.Com    instead of
the regular Amazon site. Any purchases will be automatically credited to the
NFB of Missouri if they are Smile eligible. I have found that most purchases
are now Smile eligible.
I see no reason not to sign up and use Smile if you shop at Amazon. The
percentage is very small that is donated but it can add up if we all use this
no cost service. By no means am I endorsing Amazon in any way but if you shop
there why not help the affiliate in this way.
Gene Coulter

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