[NFBMO] Journey Through Blindness

Jenny Carmack jcarmack314 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 00:30:45 UTC 2021

Good evening,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.
It appears that fall is on its way, my yard and porch are already full
of leaves and acorns. But for those of you, like me, who love summer
I'm sure we have some more heat coming soon.

The temperatures and seasons may change, but one thing that you can
always count on  is the Journey Through Blindness conference call
being on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 8 PM.  That will be this
Thursday August 19th.  We invite all of you to join us on the Journey
Through Blindness conference call.  As always this call is open to
anyone and the  topics that are discussed are decided by the
participants on the call.  We are excited to celebrate in your
successes, answer your questions or listen to your concerns.

If you are interested in joining the call, it will be on the affiliate
Zoom platform at 8 PM.  If you need the Zoom information, please reach
out to me.  We look forward to talking with you later this week.

Have a great week!
Jenny Carmack
NFB of Missouri 2nd Vice President
jcarmack314 at gmail.com
call or text: 314-239-9776

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