[NFBMO] Pre-filed Bills

GeneCoulter at Charter.net GeneCoulter at Charter.net
Tue Dec 14 01:14:39 UTC 2021

The below information is gleaned from a website called www.FastDemocracy.com
<http://www.FastDemocracy.com>  which provides a free service which is very
complete. You can track bills there and, in fact, they will notify when
bills move.trakc

Here is the list of pre-filed bills:



HB 1925, HB1564 Blind Pension

HB1926 Mo healthNet eligibility



HB 1595 Requires that all ballots be in paper form.

HB 1454, HB 1878  Voter ID

HB 1650 No Excuse absentee voting requires notary

HB 1808, HB 1841 creates no excuse absentee voting

HB 1483, HB 1646,  HB 1911 Modifies several election provisions

SB 696, SB730  modifies absentee voting process

SB 875 Absentee voting

SB633, SB679 , SB738  modifies several election measures





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