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Hello Federation famil, 

Hope this finds you well. As some of you know I have spent the last year working on a NEW safety education and self-defense program for the disabled. My main point in sharing our events is to help maybe just one person feel safer in the new year. In our current world who knows if things are in-person or virtual but here are some virtual options for you to check out or share with someone else. 
On December 28th strive is hosting an informational session about their adaptive sports program called ARISE. You can register for FREE at www.strive4you.org <http://www.strive4you.org/> in the upcoming event section.

On Thursday December 30th strive is hosting an information session on its NEW SEED program. You can use the same link as above to register for this session and it is also FREE!

At each of these sessions your will hear from instructors and consultants from each of the programs. You will hear all the services that are offered in each program. There will also be lots of time to ask questions to learn more about how you can get as many strive services as possible in the new year as a student or a new instructor.

There are also webinars that the SEED program is offering in January. There are two different sessions to sign up for and you can choose to sign up for both. SEED likes to offer choices.

There is the Core Elements webinar that covers quite a bit of safety education starting with how we define safety and going to personal safety in the world and back to home.

There is also our Empowering Words workshop that teaches how to use your words and communicate in a way others understand to keep yourself safe. Words are a powerful tool, and we want you to learn how to use them for a safer future for yourself.

Our webinars/ workshops only cost $25 per person for a 4-hour workshop that is broken down into 2 different sessions. It is just a few steps to registering for any of these events. If you have any troubles, feel free to contact us at 1-866-407-8748 ext. 740

If you are wanting to learn more about our services in the STRIVE4YOU family, we encourage you to check out the website at www.strive4you.org <http://www.strive4you.org/> 

Please keep checking with our website. We are adding new information all the time and you won’t want to miss out on an event in your area.


thanks for reading and hope you have a blessed holiday. 
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