[NFBMO] FW: Blind friendly accessibility features on Apple devices

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 3 17:25:30 UTC 2021

Safvannah attended our Missouri convention last year and has visited our Columbia chapter recently. Here is something about the Federal Trade Commission she thinks you should know:

Peace beyond greetings to you and your job title as president for the local Columbia chapter of national Federation of the blind. I wanted to talk to you, and chat with you via email, about a blind friendly Apple Accessibility website that is blind accessibility friendly to those with vision loss, and or partial vision loss. But first I would like to thank you for your hard work, with helping me, learn the different ways of how to get into a meeting via zoom, via using the speech magnification called voice over. And to go further, I must, say/tell you/admit, that you have, very unique talents, to be able to assist those who are voiceover users on all Apple devices. Such ass iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iPad Pro, iPad mini, and, most importantly, Apple watches. So, I don’t know, if you got wind, from people, about this particular thing that has been going around/sparking, those with vision loss, but a while back I had some communication with a friend, and she was telling me how people were getting calls, stating that their iCloud account has been breached. I don’t know specifically how much this would apply to earthling accounts, or charter.NET accounts, or Gmail accounts for that matter, or, MSN accounts. But what I do know is, that this website, is very easy for people to find whenever they go into the Safari apps search bar. Either on the iPhone, or on the iPad, or on the MacBook. Or Apple Watch. Now, this website is not just easy to find in the Safari search bar, on the Apple devices, but this website can also easily be found by the jaws version of any blind or visually impaired person using either Google Chrome, or Internet explore. Either on a Windows PC laptop, or a desktop.
This particular website that I got recommended to use is called
FTC.gov FTC, stands for federal trade commission. Having said that, this website is also known as an electronic reporting website, but to put it in a more proper perspective, it is, what I would consider, and electronic scam reporting website. That allows you to take online surveys, and, has a plethora of different questions that are asked. The cool things about the surveys on FTC, is that there are combo boxes, radio buttons, and multi line edit text fields. That require you to give short answers. Examples of some questions that FTC’s website asks is, that it wants to know what the purpose is of visiting the website? And what, things that FTC‘s team could do to make their online Internet website better. And whether or not navigation was unsuccessful or successful. My reasoning for wanting to talk to you about this blind friendly website is because, I had an experience of my email address getting scammed/spam/hacked. And I’m not only wanted to have an opportunity to write to you/chat to you via email, but I wanted to include Debbie, and Dacia in, in case if one of the other members came to you, Debbie or Dacia and, had to go through the same experience as me.
The other cool thing about FTC‘s website is, it, will ask you, to confirm your telephone number. And, say, if you and Debbie, or Dacia, or any of the other members have this experience, wants your phone number, or their phone numbers, have been confirmed, they get a link to the survey texted to their phone number. To where it’s easier for the person to be able to click the link and take the survey. Having said that, I want to take a second, and tell you that I personally had the privilege of teaching myself how to navigate on FTC‘s website. And taught myself how to submit my survey, as well as working with the combo boxes and radio buttons.
And, once the survey has been submitted, then, voiceover on FTC‘s website, will say something to the effect of your request has been submitted for review. And it is basically tells me that I have completed my survey. Now, as I said, one of the first things on the website was again you would have to confirm your phone number, I don’t know if it gives an option to confirm your email, I’m not really sure on that one, I know that for me whenever I took my survey, it only wanted me to confirm my cell phone number. Then, if you, get emails from Apple, for me, again when I completed my survey/form, I got an email from Apple, stating that my request had been successful/complete. And Apple gave the location of my phone. So, not only, will it say that your request had been complete, but again if you experience what I experience, the email will say the location of where your phone possibly could be located at. And it even gives a date as to win, you could get a call based on what possibly could have happened due to the email account getting hacked/spammed/scammed/stolen. I think you kindly for your time, and I apologize in advance if this email message is a little lengthy, but please, feel free to pass this information along to all of the NFB members who are a part of the Columbia chapter as well as the Kansas City chapter. And all of the other chapters such as Jeff city, St. Louis, and Springfield Missouri. And please feel free and let me know if you have any questions about FTC’s usage. Warmly and sincerely, Savannah.
Direct mobile phone, 660-553-0621.

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