[NFBMO] Question about wrongful employment termination I just experienced

Michael Walker michael.walker199014 at gmail.com
Fri May 21 11:37:48 UTC 2021

Good morning,

I was just discharged from my place of employment on May 3. I believe that my blindness played a significant factor in this. I had conflict with a coworker over needing help with some of my work because I was a level two programmer and she is a level four. Accessibility as a contributing factor in why I needed help.

After that conflict, the next thing I knew I was being accused of making a disparaging remark about the coworkers religion that I never made. I told the investigator in the company that I never made those remarks. There was never any proof. The next thing I knew, I was meeting with management to be discharged.

What steps should I take next? So far, I’m working on filing a complaint with the Missouri commission on Human Rights. When I called yesterday to start this process, they said that the equal employment opportunity commission will also receive my complaint.

As far as getting a little income while I search for another job, is applying for disability through Social Security the best place to go, or are there other resources I should also know about? I know I can get back on disability, but I just wanted to know if there is anything else. I do plan to get back to work as quickly as possible, but I know I need something for now.

When doing the job search, I plan to do it online, using websites like LinkedIn, monster, CareerBuilder, indeed, and glass door. Are there other places you would recommend that are blind friendly, and open to hiring blind people? Are there job search engines for the blind?

Thank you

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