[NFBMO] The great 60th anniversary convention!

Randy C randycarmack at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 23:10:30 UTC 2022

Dick, thank you for all of your kind words and I for one echo Gary's
sentiments.  After hearing some of the great stories that you, Kevan and
Jane told, it kind of makes me wish that I had been around back then.  I
would have really enjoyed hanging out with you guys.  As I mentioned to
you, the whole DJ thing was a different lifetime for me and I've done so
much more since then.

I just have one question.  How did you know that I have a warped sense of
humor?  Jenny usually makes me keep it on the "down low" when we are in
public.  I must not be doing a very good job of that.


On Tue, Apr 5, 2022 at 2:16 PM Gary Wunder via NFBMO <nfbmo at nfbnet.org>

> Hello, Dick. I think this was a remarkable post. Thank you for it. I echo
> all the good things you had to say about the convention, and I desperately
> hope that your work with Jane and your acquaintance with so many people who
> love and care about you will bring you back to the Federation. Of course we
> are stronger with you than without you, but spiritually I love the fact
> that we are on the same side. I cannot change how every person behaves, but
> I do know what it is like to be involved in a cause along with a number of
> good people. It feels so much better to count you among them again.
> Love,
> Gary
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> *Subject:* [NFBMO] The great 60th anniversary convention!
> I posted this on Facebook earlier, but not everyone on this list is on
> Facebook, and I want to say this to all of you.
> I see that Jane Lansaw
> <https://www.facebook.com/jane.lansaw?__cft__%5b0%5d=AZVw1U3EXxvXOSdnnXtJz5qDV6MXVnNxvVpzO4Bu-DsPll8ht5beIgJAA81d4ZUpmZqiAAWPjs4ktP223G5EE2dwo5-pjJhxBTnuFwddu5OADBCT1tF0CSQhejUC0KqvG7g&__tn__=-%5dK-R>
> got there fustest with the mostest--and said it much better than I can, but
> I owe a post to the NFB of Missouri and the Springfield, Missouri chapter.
> [You'll have to go to Facebook to see Jane's post.]
> First, great convention, guys! I didn't realize how much I missed the
> affiliate until I checked in at the hotel on Thursday and was greeted
> enthusiastically by people I didn't even know yet! What a pleasure to meet
> Amy Wilson of the Old Drum chapter, Seyoon Choi and Svetlana Ehlers of the
> student division (yes I still call it that--I'm old and set in my ways,
> what can I say?), Randy Carmack, a former DJ with as warped a sense of
> humor as I have, Janice Jackson-Grisham
> <https://www.facebook.com/janice.jackson.9?__cft__%5b0%5d=AZVw1U3EXxvXOSdnnXtJz5qDV6MXVnNxvVpzO4Bu-DsPll8ht5beIgJAA81d4ZUpmZqiAAWPjs4ktP223G5EE2dwo5-pjJhxBTnuFwddu5OADBCT1tF0CSQhejUC0KqvG7g&__tn__=-%5dK-R>,
> recently-elected president of the Springfield chapter, Dan Garcia, state
> corresponding secretary...I could go on--and I will. Then there were the
> old friends: Gary Wunder
> <https://www.facebook.com/gary.wunder.3?__cft__%5b0%5d=AZVw1U3EXxvXOSdnnXtJz5qDV6MXVnNxvVpzO4Bu-DsPll8ht5beIgJAA81d4ZUpmZqiAAWPjs4ktP223G5EE2dwo5-pjJhxBTnuFwddu5OADBCT1tF0CSQhejUC0KqvG7g&__tn__=-%5dK-R>,
> Debbie Wunder
> <https://www.facebook.com/debbie.wunder.3?__cft__%5b0%5d=AZVw1U3EXxvXOSdnnXtJz5qDV6MXVnNxvVpzO4Bu-DsPll8ht5beIgJAA81d4ZUpmZqiAAWPjs4ktP223G5EE2dwo5-pjJhxBTnuFwddu5OADBCT1tF0CSQhejUC0KqvG7g&__tn__=-%5dK-R>,
> Gene and Carol Coulter ( I will not let FB call him "Eugene"!), Hal and
> Becky Boyer, Shelia Byrd Wright
> <https://www.facebook.com/shelia.b.wright.5?__cft__%5b0%5d=AZVw1U3EXxvXOSdnnXtJz5qDV6MXVnNxvVpzO4Bu-DsPll8ht5beIgJAA81d4ZUpmZqiAAWPjs4ktP223G5EE2dwo5-pjJhxBTnuFwddu5OADBCT1tF0CSQhejUC0KqvG7g&__tn__=-%5dK-R>
> (good job, madam president!). I'd better stop before I fill this post with
> names and have no room for anything else. Oh, Lord, I forgot Kevan Worley
> <https://www.facebook.com/kevan.worley.3?__cft__%5b0%5d=AZVw1U3EXxvXOSdnnXtJz5qDV6MXVnNxvVpzO4Bu-DsPll8ht5beIgJAA81d4ZUpmZqiAAWPjs4ktP223G5EE2dwo5-pjJhxBTnuFwddu5OADBCT1tF0CSQhejUC0KqvG7g&__tn__=-%5dK-R>,
> Rita Lynch, and Willa Patterson!
> I was honored to be asked to MC the banquet (thanks, Gary Horchem
> <https://www.facebook.com/ghorchem?__cft__%5b0%5d=AZVw1U3EXxvXOSdnnXtJz5qDV6MXVnNxvVpzO4Bu-DsPll8ht5beIgJAA81d4ZUpmZqiAAWPjs4ktP223G5EE2dwo5-pjJhxBTnuFwddu5OADBCT1tF0CSQhejUC0KqvG7g&__tn__=-%5dK-R>!),
> but even more honored to listen to Kevan Worley, whom I've known since 1983
> and who is a former Springfield chapter guy, deliver the banquet address as
> the representative of the NFB national office. Talk about someone making
> good!
> During the last few years I've really needed to be reminded of what the
> Federation is all about and why I originally became a part of it because
> some things in Oklahoma just plain hurt and I left the organization. NFBMo
> and Springfield (and Jane Lansaw), you accomplished your mission. Again,
> thank you.
> Dick Morris (now where's that stupid Send button??)
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