[NFBMO] HB2150 Brite Act Emails needed

mizzoufan1979 at gmail.com mizzoufan1979 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 02:29:43 UTC 2022

We need Emails sent to the rules committee in the House right away to urge
them to vote the BRITE Act, HB 2150, out of committee. Your message can be
just as short as that or you can add whatever you wish, the important thing
is to get the Emails sent. It can be noted that the bill passed unanimously
out of the Elementary and Secondary Education Committee and that all
testimony was in favor of this bill.

Phone calls are less effective so please Email. 

Here is the list:

Rules- Legislative Oversight Committee:

Phil Christofanelli, Chair 573751-2949  Phil.Christofanelli at House.Mo.Gov
<mailto:Phil.Christofanelli at House.Mo.Gov> 

Doug Richey, Vice Chair 573-751-2238  Doug.Richey at house.mo.gov
<mailto:Doug.Richey at house.mo.gov> 

Wes Rogers, Ranking Minority Member 573-751-2199 Wes.Rogers at house.Mo.Gov
<mailto:Wes.Rogers at house.Mo.Gov> 

Ashley Aune 573-751-3618  Ashley.Aune at house.mo.gov
<mailto:Ashley.Aune at house.mo.gov> 

Dottie Bailey 573-751-0562 Dottie.Bailey at house.mo.gov
<mailto:Dottie.Bailey at house.mo.gov> 

Chuck Basye 573-751-1501 Chuck.Basye at house.mo.gov
<mailto:Chuck.Basye at house.mo.gov> 

Jason Chipman 573-751-1688 Jason.Chipman at house.Mo.gov
<mailto:Jason.Chipman at house.Mo.gov> 

Mike Haffner 573-751-3783 Mike.Haffner at House.Mo.gov
<mailto:Mike.Haffner at House.Mo.gov> 

Ron Hicks 573-751-9768 Ron.Hicks at House.MO.gov
<mailto:Ron.Hicks at House.MO.gov> 

Hannah Kelly 573-751-2205 Hannah.Kelly at house.mo.gov
<mailto:Hannah.Kelly at house.mo.gov> 

Raychel Proudie 573-751-0855 Raychel.Proudie at House.mo.Gov
<mailto:Raychel.Proudie at House.mo.Gov>  

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