[NFBMO] National Convention Stipend applications now open

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Thu Apr 14 19:29:59 UTC 2022


Applications are now open for stipends for the 2022 National Convention to
be held in New Orleans July 5-10. Stipends are based on financial need and,
therefore, those applying for funding should lay out their needs so that the
funding committee can get a picture of your situation so we can make the
most informed decision. Applications are kept strictly confidential and are
shared only on an absolute need to know basis. Also, keep in mind that
funding is very limited and will only cover a fraction of your expenses, but
the hope is that it will be enough to make the difference on applicants'
ability to attend the largest gathering of blind persons in the world.
Please read the bylaws below that govern the stipends. Those awarded the
stipend will receive a check from the affiliate treasurer shortly before the
convention Lastly an application does not guarantee any funding due to our
limited resources.,.  

You must Email the application no later than 5:00 pm Central Time on May 15
to me at  <mailto:GCoulter at NFBMo.org> GCoulter at NFBMo.org to be considered.
Use the form that is attached to this message or the form below.  All
applicants will be notified within a few days of the deadline of the
committee's decision.

As they say in New Orleans, "Let the good times roll."

Eugene Coulter, Rittgers Committee Chair






5.20 National Convention stipends


5.21 The state convention shall determine if stipends should be allocated to
help persons to attend our annual National Convention, as well as, the
amount available if any to be allocated.


5.22 If funds are available, the Rittgers Committee will accept the
applications and determine the individual allocations.


5.23 The application deadline shall be May 15 of each year.


5.24 Allocations shall be based on need, and first-time national convention
attendees shall be given priority.


1.07 Affiliate Scholarships, Rittgers Funding, or National Convention

which require attendance at any convention shall not be awarded to any
person who has not attained their 18th birthday prior to the convention
unless accompanied by their parent or guardian.

4.15 When advance payment is issued, the recipient must provide receipts for
expenses within fifteen days of the conclusion of the event. In addition,
they must be accompanied by any funds advanced but not spent on the event.
Persons not providing such receipts shall not be granted advance payment in
the future. 

National Convention Stipend Application Form


Complete and return to GCoulter at NFBMo.org <mailto:GCoulter at NFBMo.org> 



Complete Address:

Cell Phone: 

Home Phone: 




Have you ever attended a National Convention?


Have you ever received any Funds from the state affiliate to attend the
National Convention?:

IS your chapter providing any financial assistance, how much, if known?

Have you applied for assistance from the Jernigan Fund?:

Why do you want to attend this Convention?: 


What level of financial support would you need from the fund? Explain your
financial circumstances.: 


I certify that I have read and understand all of the information that
accompanied this application? 

Your Additional Comments: 





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