[NFBMO] Resignation

Cory McMahon cory.j.mcmahon at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 19:58:46 UTC 2022

Wow, Gary-What wonderful words you chose in recalling memories of someone
who has served this affiliate with honor, integrity, and distinction. I'm
hopeful that he will return to serve again.


Cory McMahon

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I like remembering what Chris has done very much and thank Seyoon for
focusing on it. I would hate to think that my legacy would be determined by
one of my last acts given that in my case it may be far different based on
my age, mental stability, or family circumstance that I might not
communicate with anyone.

Chris has served whenever called upon. He hasn't always been comfortable in
doing it. He does not think of himself as a public figure, but he was on our
behalf. He doesn't think of himself as a writer, but he was for us. He
doesn't think of himself as a leader and would much prefer to be a loyal
rank and file member, but he did this for us. Sitting in meetings was not
what this country boy was all about, but he did it for us. More than all of
this, he has been the friend with a listening ear, a man who would give his
opinion when called upon but who always tried to hear me out first before
offering it. I love the man, and, to the extent he will allow it, I'm going
to continue to be his friend. I can't turn off the kinds of feelings our
extended family puts in my heart, so Chris is a permanent resident, even if
we no longer communicate. My memory will place far more emphasis on his
decades of service than his last note. Maybe some day people will return the
favor when my last note or utterance makes them sad, uncomfortable, or
downright blue.

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