[NFBMO] Convention News and Update #4

mizzoufan1979 at gmail.com mizzoufan1979 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 21:53:15 UTC 2022

Time is running very short to make both hotel reservations and to
pre-register for state convention. The hotel number is 417-831-3131.
Our state treasurer tells me that most folks are choosing the Frugal
Federationist package which saves attendees a lot of dinero. However, the
Friday lunch and Prayer breakfast are not included in this plan so you need
to select these separately. Please, if interested in either of these meals
go back in and sign up for them as neither has many attendees  at the
moment. The Prayer breakfast at this moment will be a very intimate
A note about the hotel restaurant, they do have Braille menus and there is
also a scan station on each table  so that you can scan the menu onto your
cell phone. The folks in Springfield tell me that it is accessible, at least
as of today.
Do not ask me what the meals will be as I have no idea yet, lol.
Below is the list I have of exhibitors/sponsors  as of 2:00 pm February 24.
Let me know if you have corrections or additions. At this time the table
numbers mean nothing. Remember, if needed chapters and divisions may have to
share a table to make room for paying customers.

See you all in Springfield.
Gene Coulter

Exhibit Table Assignments: -2022
Table 0 State Affiliate 
Table 1:Vanda non-24 Gold Sponsor 
Table 2 NANOPAC Silver Sponsor
Table 3 Show Me Chapter T-Shirts 
Table 4: Columbia Chapter Hand Fans and Eco-Friendly re-usable Straws plus
handmade crafts
Table 5 Jefferson City Baked goods and Crafts
Table 5   On the Go Dog  Gear
Table 6 
Table 7 
Table 8: MAGDU

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