[NFBMO] Nominations for the Jernigan Award

Gene Fleeman gfleeman55 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 19:05:53 UTC 2022

Hello everyone,

To possibly help guide you in your nominating process, I have included a
of previous Jernigan award recipients going back to 1973 below. If you
don't see someone's name that you think should be considered, please send
me your nomination to gfleeman55 at gmail.com. I have also attached the Award
guidelines to read if needed.  I need to have your nomination in by
February 1, 2022. That is less than 3 weeks away!

1973 Jernigan/ Parin D. McElroy Award, Nel Martin

1975:  Jernigan, Rhoda Dower

1976:  Jernigan, Tiny Beedle

1977:  Jernigan, Margaret Bohley

1978:  Jernigan, John Dower

1979:  Jernigan, Gary Wunder

1980:  Jernigan, Tom Stevens

1981:  Jernigan, Jana Sims (Moynihan)

1982:  Jernigan, Billie Weaver

1983:  Jernigan, *Nick and Debbie Whitney

1984:  Jernigan, Loretta Benavidez

1985:  Jernigan, Bill Neal

1986:  Jernigan, Pauline Murphy

1987:  Jernigan, Rita Lynch

1988:  Jernigan, Roy Zuvers

1989:  Jernigan, Ed Bryant

1991:  Jernigan Jim Moynihan

1992:  Jernigan, Melvin Lewis

1993:  Jernigan, Debbie Worley (Wunder)

1994:  Jernigan, Carol Coulter

1995:  Jernigan, John Ford

1996:  Jernigan, Patricia Morrow

1997:  Jernigan, Susan Ford

1998:  Jernigan, Larry Murphy

1999:  Jernigan, Eugene Coulter

2000:  Jernigan, Shelia Wright

2001:  Jernigan, Martha Young

2002:  Jernigan, Dick Morris

2003:  Jernigan, Ruby Polk

2005 Jernigan Pat Arnold

2007 Jernigan – Jeremiah Wells

2012 Jernigan – Dan Flasar

2015 Jernigan- Gary Horchem

2016 Dacia Cole

2017 Chris Tisdal

2019 Julie McGinnity

2020 Robin House

2021 – Gene Fleeman

*The award may now be presented to only one person.

Gene Fleeman
2022 Kenneth Jernigan Award Committee Chair
Raintree Villas HOA Vice President
gfleeman55 at gmail.com
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