[NFBMO] tenbrook Nominations Reminder

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                Attached and pasted below  is the complete list of tenBroek winners for  reference.



Jacobus tenBroek Award Winners


The tenBroek Award is presented to a sighted Missourian or an organization that has made a long term contribution to Blind Persons in the State of Missouri and is our oldest award. It is only presented when there is a worthy recipient. In 60 years the award has been earned 41 times. 


1962: tenBroek – Downtown Optimist Club

1963:  TenBroek, Flora Hirsch

1964:  TenBroek, Delores Hakan (Benjamin)

1965:  TenBroek, Walt Bodine, Kansas City radio personality

1966 -             TenBroek, Mike Combs

1968:  TenBroek, Philip Scaglia

1969         TenBroek, Carl Wyatt

1973:  TenBroek, Helen Ruth Hill

1975:            TenBroek, Martha Kelley

1976         TenBroek, Maggie Getz

1977           TenBroek, Nick Mahoney

1978           TenBroek, Bill and Jama Sims

1979           TenBroek, John and Louise Orick

1982           TenBroek, Lawson Weaver

1983 TenBroek, Delores Barton (Watson)

1984 TenBroek, John Thompson

1986 TenBroek, Diana Aubuchon

1987           TenBroek, Helen Stevens

1988           TenBroek, Mary Lewis

1989           TenBroek, Tom Culleton

1990           TenBroek, June Homan

1991  TenBroek, Thelda Borisch

1992           TenBroek, Cletus Hentges

1993 TenBroek Betty Meyer

1995           TenBroek, Irene Wyatt

1997            TenBroek, Dianna Morris

1998           TenBroek, Lawrence Luck

2000           TenBroek, Larry Polk

2001            TenBroek, Cora Underwood

2002            TenBroek, Jeff Wright

2003             TenBroek, Lois Ulmer

2005 tenBroek: Deborah Stroup 

2006 tenBroek: Elizabeth Coulter

2008 TenBroek – Alvin Toebben

2010 - tenBroek Award – Phyllis Wilson

2012 tenBroek – Phyllis Wilson

2013 tenBroek- Justin Col

2015 tenBroek Laura Rios

2017 Kathy and Ron Hurley

2020 Britany Berk

2021 Linda DeWeese




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Jacobus tenBrook Award 2022


 Nominations are now being accepted for the 2022 Jacobus tenBrook Award presented by the Missouri chapter of the National Federation of the Blind. 


 Eligibility requirement;


*        Must be sighted and have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to improving the quality of life for the blind.


*        A resident of the State of Missouri



 All nominations should be in writing and emailed to  <mailto:jogrove08 at gmail.com> jogrove08 at gmail.com   


Please, do NOT respond to this listserve


Deadline: February 1, 2022


The award will be announced at the Missouri NFB State Convention.  Questions?  Contact Dr. Jo Grove at 314.320.5957.

Jo Grove PhD

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall" Confucius 551-479 BC





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