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Good catch!

You are a good proofreader! LOL.



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March should also be capitalized lol.

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The whereas clauses should be separated by semi colons, not commas. Also, the phrase “be it resolved” needs to be all capitalized.

A Resolution Regarding Resolutions

               Whereas the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri will have its 60th Annual Convention in Springfield from march 31 through April 3, 2022; and

               Whereas one of the most important functions of the state Convention is to serve as a mechanism for the introduction, discussion, and adoption of resolutions; and

               Whereas Gary Wunder will chair the 2022 State Convention Resolutions Committee: Now therefore,

               BE IT RESOLVED by Daniel Garcia, in the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri Mailing List, on this 16th  day of March, 2022, that Daniel urges anyone interested in shaping the future policy direction of the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri to submit a resolution to Chair Wunder as soon as possible, so the Resolutions Committee may have time to review the text; and

               BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Daniel urges members to use this message as a template when writing their resolutions; and

               BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Daniel Encourages NFB members to review the June 2021 issue of the Blind Missourian to get more examples on how to write resolutions



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The good news is that it is not too early. The great news is that it is not too late. If there is a policy position the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri ought to take, one way to see that that happens is through resolutions. A resolution is one big, long sentence, just the kind that Yours truly too frequently writes. The idea in a resolution is to state the problem and what are known as whereas clauses and to say what we want done in one or more resolves. If anyone would benefit from seeing sample copies of resolutions, let me know. Many are available in the August September issue of any Braille Monitor you want to pick up, but if there would be some value in having them placed here on the listserv, I'm glad to do that as well.

What do we write about? Sometimes we write resolutions to commend people and organizations for the good things they have done. Sometimes we write to suggest that they could do better. Sometimes we make it clear that, from our perspective, what they are doing is dead wrong and should be rectified immediately if not sooner.

The fact that you may not have written a resolution before should not stand between you and adopting NFB policy. Part of the job I have been given by President Wright is to make anything you draft shine and to do so without interjecting myself center stage. We can work together on anything you can come up with that we should address.

If you have resolutions or amendments to our bylaws or Constitution you think we should consider, please write to me at
gwunder at earthlink.net<mailto:gwunder at earthlink.net>.
It will help if you put the word resolution somewhere in the subject. If you would rather talk before submitting anything, feel free to ring me at 573-268-4245.
Whereas the sun is shining, and
WHEREAS, spring is at hand, and

WHEREAS, your heart is beating, you are breathing, and you are looking forward to the convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri: now, therefore:

Be It Resolved that we go forth and articulate some policies that will make all of us proud to be a member of this fine organization.

Just for fun, there are at least two errors in this resolution. Call me out publicly on them.

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