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Is this discount only for spectrum customers?




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Greetings. I am sending this message to you along with another which will follow. This message may entitle you to a $30 discount on your Internet service through your cable company. Through the American connectivity program, individuals can reduce their cost for Internet by $30 each month. Check with your cable provider to see if you qualify. Rather than send a second message, I will tell you of another program which may be of assistance to many of you. Yesterday, President Biden, endorsed a program called get Internet to read more about it you can look in Yesterdays USA today newspaper through NFB-NEWSLINE article 26 I believe in the news section. For those of you who do not wish to go to all that trouble you might also try going to http://www.getinternet.gov 

This program made available with Covid assistance funds passed by Congress last year allows for individuals to pay only $30 a month for Internet connectivity at a speed of 100 Mb per second. If you do not do a lot of streaming of information or TV subscriptions this may work for you. I’m currently using it with MLB Audio and it seems to work just fine thank you very much paired with the American connectivity program this means that you could end up paying zero dollars for your Internet service. In my estimation this is a great deal since my Internet service costs me $68.99 a month with the reduced cost this means that my Internet will actually cost me perhaps zero dollars each month. There are income requirements the income levels are approximately $27,000 a year per household or less in order to qualify there are other ways to qualify as well so check into it and see whether or not you and your family may be eligible for this program Fred Olver

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Save up to $30/mo* on your
high-speed Internet service

 <http://links.email.spectrum.com/els/v2/w_v-tPK~XqSe/MElnUWtZNFRPUjZ0Zi9HanNjamVCOFczU2tCM2FxNGlzend3SlNhbjBQMDdJYzhrcU8wd2JBaThLaEx3eWVSRmFhZXkzaVNSN0c0dHBDWjJsRUZYN0MzOEJncUpwRml1Q0t1S0pSN0VCc0k9S0/dElWdE5UdWdJMHZ5RnFObW9KWExLWWtOY1pQRnZ1M2x1RS9VSThHR0d1cVV4VlVkd2ZSNDlZV1lGQkJXOUY5NEVUbStJOW5wWHBRPQS2> Spectrum.net/optin

Dear Fred, 

Great news! You are qualified to save on your Spectrum Internet® service through
the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). 

This program was created to ensure eligible households like yours will have the
services you need. 



You are qualified


Continue to enjoy the same fast
Internet speed (wireless speeds may vary)


No contracts

Enroll at  <http://links.email.spectrum.com/els/v2/6LAzcdPwarQR/MElnUWtZNFRPUjZ0Zi9HanNjamVCOFczU2tCM2FxNGlzend3SlNhbjBQMDdJYzhrcU8wd2JBaThLaEx3eWVSRmFhZXkzaVNSN0c0dHBDWjJsRUZYN0MzOEJncUpwRml1Q0t1S0pSN0VCc0k9S0/dElWdE5UdWdJMHZ5RnFObW9KWExLWWtOY1pQRnZ1M2x1RS9VSThHR0d1cVV4VlVkd2ZSNDlZV1lGQkJXOUY5NEVUbStJOW5wWHBRPQS2> Spectrum.net/optin 

or call  <tel:1-844-207-9420> 1-844-207-9420
to opt in 

Funding for this program is available for a limited time so don’t delay. 

Thank you for being a valued Spectrum Internet customer. 


Kathleen Griffin
VP, Customer Communications 







*Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP): Program benefit limited to one per household; Limited time offer; benefit expires upon FCC’s termination of the Program. Income eligibility requirements apply. A recurring credit of up to $30/mo ($75 in Tribal Lands) will be applied directly to eligible customers' accounts, off the rate for eligible Internet service; customers are responsible for charges over $30/mo. Standard rates apply following end of the Program period; may vary by location. Taxes and fees extra depending on the area and subject to change during and after the Program period; installation/network activation, equipment and additional services are extra. Speed based on wired connection and may vary by address. Wireless speeds may vary. Services subject to all applicable service terms and conditions, subject to change. Services not available in all areas. Restrictions apply. 

 <http://links.email.spectrum.com/servlet/MailView?ms=MzQyMzE2MjES1&r=NDk5NTY3MDE2NzEyS0&j=MjE2MzU2MDY3NAS2&mt=1&rt=0> View Online   |    <http://links.email.spectrum.com/servlet/OneClickOptOutServlet?m=34231621&r=NDk5NTY3MDE2NzEyS0&b=0&j=MjE2MzU2MDY3NAS2&mt=1&rt=0> Unsubscribe   |    <http://links.email.spectrum.com/els/v2/04A9fg83RaSP/MElnUWtZNFRPUjZ0Zi9HanNjamVCOFczU2tCM2FxNGlzend3SlNhbjBQMDdJYzhrcU8wd2JBaThLaEx3eWVSRmFhZXkzaVNSN0c0dHBDWjJsRUZYN0MzOEJncUpwRml1Q0t1S0pSN0VCc0k9S0/dElWdE5UdWdJMHZ5RnFObW9KWExLWWtOY1pQRnZ1M2x1RS9VSThHR0d1cVV4VlVkd2ZSNDlZV1lGQkJXOUY5NEVUbStJOW5wWHBRPQS2> Privacy Policy

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