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Parents, Teachers, and Blind Students:

The National Federation of the Blind is happy to announce that the
2014 NFB BELL application as well as detailed information about our
2014 programs is live. We have updated each state's FAQ page with up-to-date
times, locations, costs, and contact information. To learn all about the
2014 NFB BELL programs to be held in 24 states, visit www.nfb.org/BELL.

Please share this information with parents and teachers in your area! 
We wish all the NFB BELL programs great success! If you participate in the
NFB BELL program as a student or volunteer we hope you will share your NFB
BELL program stories with us!

If you have questions or need further information about the NFB BELL
program, please contact Natalie Shaheen at nshaheen at nfb.org.

Braille Rocks!

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