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That all sounds great to me!


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Hello all.


I just had a nice talk with Eileen. What a nice person! She told me that
there would be no problem for us to have a 20x20 foot place for our maze.
And she has hundreds of feet of that rubbery tape. Carolyn and I will buy
some wood stripping to make stakes to attach that tape to. I would guess
that we'd want about 3 foot stakes, so we'll cut the stripping into 3 foot
lengths. And maybe about 5 feet between stakes?? Depending on how many
switchbacks we set up, we'll need 100 or more feet of barriers, which works
out to about 20 stakes. To be conservative, we'll make 25 or 30.


Carolyn and I will drive past the park to be sure the ground is amenable to
having those stakes pounded in. Don't know what else to look for.


Eileen will try to get us a map of the booths a few days before the event.
Depending on time and quality of that map, we will make an IVEO map for
people to see/feel/hear. Hopefully my Surface computer has a battery that
lasts four hours. That would be pretty cool.


Finally, we will have a couple of sighted volunteers helping us. And she
really wants us to see the event as well as present. I suggest that we
divide into an early group and a late group. The early group will tend the
store from noon to 2:00 and then participate. The late group will
participate until 2:00 and then mind the store from 2:00 to 4:00. Thoughts?






John Gardner


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