[Nfbofsc] Can you help us meet the challenge?

David Houck nfbsc at sc.rr.com
Wed Nov 5 18:17:29 UTC 2014

Dear Friend of the Blind:


Can you help us meet the challenge?


          As we approach the holiday season we have much to be thankful for.
As blind people who serve the needs of blind South Carolinians we have much
to be thankful for as well.

          Think of the many legislative battles which we take for granted
today, the facilities which were constructed and paid for throughout the
state and the fact that we have local chapters, a statewide organization
with several divisions not to mention rocky Bottom Retreat and Conference
Center of the Blind.

          The state office, the Federation Center of the Blind, is in need
of immediate funding as this is our slowest time of the year funding wise.
Our programs, correspondence, computer training, etc. still go on daily.

          I can tell you that I have just received notice that a blind
person is giving the Federation Center a gift of $1,500!  This helps us a
bit but much more is needed to get us back where we need to be.

          My challenge to you is to get together whatever gifts you can by
Thanksgiving to help us match this blind person's $1,500 gift.  I know you
can help get us there.  A gift or love offering in any amount will do.

          Send your gift to:

Federation Center of the Blind

119 S. Kilbourne Road

Columbia, SC 29205

          And mark it as a matching gift.


I wish for you a Happy Thanksgiving and we will announce when we reach the
$3,000 mark!





David Houck

Executive Director

Federation Center of the Blind

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