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Subject line subject to change - 2015 Calendars are $5 each!!!


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Oh, I thought they were free now.  The subject line  was $.00!!  LOL!!


Steve and Shannon Cook

Today I married my best friend.  

The one that I laugh with, live for, love.

October 11, 2003 


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The Federation Center of the Blind is selling 2015 large print calendars
with color photos of Federation events and facilities.  Get yours now!  Send
$5 to the Federation Center of the Blind, 119 S. Kilbourne Road, Columbia,
SC 29205 with your return address and we will send you your full color 2015




A Columbia Chapter Christmas  Front Cover:


119 S. Kilbourne Road

Columbia, SC 29205


nfbsc at sc.rr.com



Monthly photos:

January - Federation Center of the Blind

February - Bell Federation Center of the Blind in Laurens

March - Ontario Cyclists at Rocky Bottom

April - Columbia Chapter BBQ

May - Annual Lions Fishing trips

June - BELL Program - youngsters reading a braille book

July - Motorcycle driven at Salt Flats by a blind person

August - View from atop Sassafras Mountain, SC

September - Senior Campers

October - Fall display at Conference Center at Rocky Bottom

November - Conway Chapter stepping out

December - Chesterfield Chapter's winning golf cart float with trophy

January 2016 - pictures of Donald and Betty Capps and Parnell Diggs

Back cover - three NFB logos

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