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June 10, 2015

Memo To:  Executive Officers, Board Members, Chapter & Division Presidents &

From:  Parnell Diggs, President

Positive Note 1504

Dear Fellow Federationists:


              I have an update from Chris Danielsen regarding the world
record attempt.  Here is what he says.  “As you know, on July 8, just prior
to the first general session of our seventy-fifth anniversary convention,
the National Federation of the Blind will attempt to break the Guinness
World Record for largest umbrella mosaic.  If you plan to be part of this
historic effort, please register to participate at https://www.nfb.org/gwr.
Your registration will help us maintain an accurate count of participants
and will also ensure that you receive important information before and after
the record attempt, including information on how you can receive your very
own Guinness World Record certificate of participation in setting a new
world record!

Registration only takes a minute or two, so just click the link above or
copy and paste it into your browser, provide the requested information, and
you’re all set!  See you in Orlando for our record-breaking seventy-fifth
anniversary convention!”

As you know, the State Convention is coming-up fast.  The Columbia Marriott
is now accepting reservations for the 2015 State Convention during the
weekend of August 21 through 23!  Reservations for the Event should be made
directly with Marriott reservations at (800) 593-6465 or (803) 771-7000.

I should also add that pre-reservation is now open for the NFB of SC State
Convention.  The very affordable price of $70 per person will give you
admission to all events and cover your meals from Friday evening dinner
through Sunday morning breakfast.  Please make checks out to the NFB of SC
and send them to the State Office noting which members are covered.

I have an announcement from Scholarship Chairperson, Shannon Cook, about the
upcoming June 15 deadline to apply for a National Federation of the Blind of
South Carolina scholarship.  Here is what she says.  “It is that time of
year again: Scholarship Time!  If you or someone you know will be attending
college or graduate school in the fall of 2015 and is blind, please
encourage them to apply for a 2015 NFB of SC Scholarship.  The web address
is nfbofsc.org.

They can click on the Scholarship link and complete the application.
Scholarships will be awarded at the state convention the weekend of August
21-23.  We also want to remind our chapters and divisions that we are taking
donations, in any amount, for the Metro Fund, which allows the Scholarship
Committee to supplement worthy recipients with a little extra funding.”

On that note, I want to echo Shannon’s comments regarding the need to
support the scholarship program.  Funds can be awarded only if we have them.
The NFB of SC is successful because of its members and their dedication and
generosity.  The more scholarships we have, the more we can give away.
Please keep those donations coming because our students need the help.

The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the
characteristic which defines you or your future.  Every day, we raise the
expectations of blind people because low expectations create obstacles
between blind people and our dreams.  You can live the life you want:
blindness is not what holds you back.  Joining me for comments in this
Positive Note is the President Emeritus of the NFB of SC.  Here is Dr.

              Betty and I were the recipients of much joy last week.  Our
three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren (ages 1 ½, 3 ½ and 5 ½)
visited with us traveling from Louisville, Kentucky.  It had been nearly a
year since we had seen them and we were jubilant to be with them.  Elizabeth
is 1 ½, Mason 3 ½, and Brooke 5 ½.  Mason can spell his first name and count
to 14.  Brooke is entering kindergarten.  Elizabeth is a very busy but
beautiful 1 ½ year-old.  On Saturday all of them left for Myrtle Beach.
Their visit was uplifting and enjoyable.  We hope that we will see them
before another year rolls around.  

              Although we are prevented from attending the 75th anniversary
convention of the NFB, we do get excited when we read about developments
including Chris Danielsen’s communication with President Diggs.  I would
really like to be in Orlando for this wonderful occasion but Betty and I
have health conditions which prevent us from attending this convention.  We
are blessed to have attended 56 consecutive NFB conventions, the first being
in 1956 and the last one being in 2011.  It’s unlikely that very many
members can top this attendance record.  I’m also blessed to have served
continuously on the NFB board from 1959 to 2011.  For much of that time I
was recognized for being a senior board member of the NFB.  I was Vice
President for most of that time.  I wouldn’t take anything for the wonderful
experiences I’ve had as a result of being a member of the NFB.  

              The swimming pool at RBRCCB will be ready on Friday.  We want
to thank our Resident Manager, Brooke West for putting in a lot of time and
energy in getting the swimming pool ready as a lot had to be done to make
this possible.  

              Let me reminisce about one of the largest yard sales I’ve ever
seen or participated in.  In January 1979 we began fundraising to renovate
and expand the Osterneck Cottage.  A wonderful lady, Mrs. L. P.
Armstrong-Garrett, who passed away a couple of years ago, suggested that we
have a yard sale and she would serve as Chairperson of the project.  Len
Hathaway who had spent time at radio station WMAL in Washington, DC, had
recently moved to Columbia accepting a position with WIS radio.  He became
active in the project and plugged the event on numerous occasions on WIS.
Many individuals throughout Columbia generously gave items for the yard
sale.  It was held at the Fairgrounds and when it was time to have the yard
sale we made a profit of just over $5,000.  That amount was very helpful in
our early days.  We made many friends as a result of this unique yard sale.
Mrs. Garrett made a generous contribution of $5,000 to the Conference Center
where her portrait hangs in the Dining Hall.


Final Thought:  “Do you have your “KFC”? – kindness, faithfulness and

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