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Correction:  The book club meeting is not on Friday, the 19th, but Tuesday,
the 16th!!  All other info for the meeting is correct.


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JUNE 12, 2015



              The meeting was gaveled to order by President Tiffiny
Mitchell.  A fine summer style chicken salad croissant dinner was prepared
and served by Isaiah Nelson and his kitchen crew.  David Houck gave a
devotional on the two primary commandments in loving God and serving others.
Dr. Capps introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Matthew Clary, an
Ophthalmologist who gave a great presentation and answered questions from
the audience.  Please remember the family of Edna Swygert who recently
passed away as well as Derrick Willis' grandmother.

              Shelley Coppel spoke on the NFB Convention Senior Division
Seminar on July 5 with $5 registration beginning at 12:30 p.m.  Discussions
will include living wills and HIPPA laws.  A Senior Division business
meeting and auction will be held on July 7 between 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
National Senior Division dues are $5.

              Steve Cook announced deep discounts on JAWS speech software,
Magic large print enhancement and Open Book scanning and text reading
software, all of which include discounts on upgrades and service agreements.
This 75th anniversary convention sale is for registered convention delegates
in Orlando and can be found in the Exhibit Hall.  This is a once in a
lifetime opportunity you should take full advantage of!

              For those wishing to get NFB convention assistance and qualify
need to contact Tiffiny Mitchell by Friday, June 19 and leave a message at
898-3535 or 834-6108.  The chapter is planning a trip to Cherokee.  One van
will leave on Friday, August 7, spend the night at Rocky Bottom and get to
Cherokee Saturday morning while a second van will leave Columbia on
Saturday, August 8 going directly to Cherokee.  For more details, contact
Tiffiny Mitchell.  Also, there will be a chapter Book Club meeting on
Instant Conference at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, June 19.  To access the
conference, dial 862-902-0241 then enter the access code 358-8716.  Announce
your name at the tone and you will enter the conference.

              Those boarding the Orlando bus on Sunday, July 5 need to be
present by 7:30 a.m. in order to get your luggage loaded, board and leave by
8:00 p.m.  Don't be late!  Dorothy Barksdale is in charge of the bus.  We
have Life Resurrection Ministry meeting at the Center on Sundays so keep in
mind they may be set up for church.  Be careful when you enter the Center on
July 5.  David Houck will arrive at 7:00 a.m. to open the Center.

              The NFB of SC August 21-23 state convention is drawing near
and you must reserve your Columbia Marriott hotel room now by calling
771-7000.  NSB of SC convention pre-registration is now open for $70 or $75
if you do it after August 14.  The Columbia Chapter is selling $10 tickets
for a two night free stay at the convention and you can get tickets by
contacting Columbia Chapter board members.  The drawing will take place at
the August 13 Columbia Chapter meeting.

              Our July chapter meeting will be held on July 16 because of
the Orlando convention.  Mark your calendar now!  David Houck gave the
barbecue report reading the top ten and revealing we made $20,578 in total
proceeds when all was said and done.  The chapter treasury revealed the net
after expenses with a current balance of 10,023.70.  Everyone who worked the
barbecue in any way can be proud of our effort and we can do more as we have
more funding.  There will be a candy bar sale at the national convention
sponsored by the chapter.  


See you in Orlando!


Tiffiny Mitchell, President

Columbia Chapter, NFB of SC  

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