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October 20, 2015


Computers for the Blind (CFTB) and MarvelSoft have formed a special
agreement to provide Talking Typing Teacher for Windows (TTT) to CFTB
Consumers, agencies, and schools for $50 to be used on CFTB computers by
persons who are blind or have low vision. 

Computers for the Blind (CFTB), a non-profit 501 (c) (3) agency is pleased
to announce a special agreement between CFTB & MarvelSoft Enterprises Inc.
A license key for MarvelSoft's product, Talking Typing Teacher (TTT) can be
purchased from MarvelSoft for $50 on CFTB computers from this date going
forward, not only for consumers who purchase CFTB computers but for
agencies, schools, and lighthouses who purchase it to be used by a person
who is blind or has low vision on a CFTB computer.  

Agencies and schools who wish to obtain a CFTB computer for a consumer can
do so with a purchase order. Once the computer is obtained they can activate
a license key for the TTT which has already been installed on a CFTB
computer by contacting MarvelSoft at 1-800-987-1231. Once payment of $50 is
authorized through a purchase order or credit card, a 6-diget key will be
provided which can be passed along to the consumer to activate the key.  No
physical media will be sent. 

Consumers may likewise purchase a computer from CFTB by calling
214-340-6328.  After they receive their computer they can call MarvelSoft at
1-800-987-1231 and state they have received a computer from CFTB and that
they wish to activate the copy of TTT that has already been installed. They
will be asked for a money order or credit card to collect the $50. Once
payment has been received a 6-digit key will be provided to the customer
over the phone and they can activate and start using the software
immediately. No physical media will be sent. Please note, this software
cannot be installed at this price on previously purchased CFTB computers.
Consumers & agencies who wish to purchase TTT at the retail price from
MarvelSoft on a previously purchased CFTB computer may do so my contacting

CFTB is committed to providing fully accessible refurbished computers to
persons who could not otherwise afford a new computer and the expensive
software that makes them accessible.  We are very pleased with this generous
agreement with MarvelSoft which we feel will help open up the world of
information technology to persons who are blind or have low vision.  


For additional information contact CFTB: 

214-340-6328 - info at computersfortheblind.net -
www.computersfortheblind.net.                                 See attached
CFTB Agency Fact Sheet for more details about our products and services.
This can be printed front & back and shared with staff and consumers.  


MarvelSoft - 1-800-987-1231 - Sales at MarvelSoft.com - www.MarvelSoft.com





Robert Acosta, President

Helping Hands for the Blind

(818) 998-0044



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